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Cemetery Lab-Human Demography: Questions on a Statistical Graph (Statistics Project Sample)




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Graph accompanying the life table examples in Table B:
Survivorship curves by sex, for individuals born 1801-1850 and 1851-1900
Question one
The survivorship curves of the two cohorts differ from each other. As observed from the curve, the population of the people born or lived between 1801 to 1850 was significantly less compared to the population between 1850 to 1900. There is difference in lifespan in the two cohorts, whereby the first cohorts the lifespan was 100 years compared to the second cohort that is 110 years. This is because according to Neuenhoff (2010), human population has been experiencing an increased growth rate over the years. The life expectancy of the human population has grown. The population of humans grew drastically from the year 1801 to the year 1900 due to the change in lifestyles, improved medication, and hygienic conditions. These changes were brought by improvement in technology and several invention. That is why there is difference in population and survival rate between the two cohorts.
Question two
By observing the male curves and the female curves of the two cohorts separately, it is noticeable that there is difference in the life expectancy rate. As the curves shows, female have a higher survival rate compared to their male counterparts. However, Neuenhoff (2010), states that the life expectancy of the female still remains higher as compared to the male even today in the United States. The survivorship curve also shows the same taking the history of the recorded information into consideration. The number of deaths have been reducing over the years similarly with the female having a higher life expectancy period than the male. The difference between the two genders also becomes smaller as the years progress. The larger age difference between the age of death of a male and that of a female is becoming almost the same.
Question three
There will be a population increase and increase in mortality rate if further studies covers between 1901 t0 1950. Notably, Neuenhoff (2010), states if the survivorship curves were to be plotted for the people living today, their survival rate would be increased, and their life span will be longer as compared to the previous years. This is due to the improved medication, better lifestyle and the new technology.
Question four
For instance...
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