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Homework Assignment 4: Statistics Calculations (Statistics Project Sample)


statistics assignment calculations.


Homework Assignment 4
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Question One
The Temple football team is playing SMU on Saturday October 1, 2016. Suppose that Temple has a 64.5% chance of winning the game. College football games cannot end in a tie.
What is the random variable associated with this game?
The random variable is the possible outcomes of the game. This includes Temple winning, SMU winning or draws: this indicates Temple winning, Losing or Drawing.
Win or Loss
What is the mutually exclusive event in this case?
The mutually exclusive of this event is for both Temple and SMU to win this game or both lose the game
Construct a well-labelled probability distribution table based on the outcomes of this game.
XP (X)Win0.645Lose0.355
Question 2
What is the probability that Temple wins ALL remaining games in the regular season

 QUOTE  0.01394
Consider only ...
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