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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Accounting and Finance Calculations, and "Whether banking and supervisory structures at EU level proved adequate in responding to the debt crisis" (Term Paper Sample)


In part A: EXPLAIN Whether banking and supervisory structures at EU level proved adequate in responding to the debt crisis.
In part B: Determine the most profitable project, prepare the case study's goodwill, prepare Journal entry for the Nick Ltd For the year ended 1 July 2011, prepare the Consolidated worker sheet for the year ended 2021, and lastly, prepare Consolidated Statement of Financial Position For the year ended 1 July 2011


Accounting and Finance
Student name
Part one: Whether banking and supervisory structures at EU level proved adequate in responding to the debt crisis.
After the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation issue a statement in 2007, that it will no longer involve in acquiring mortgage associated with high risk together with a mortgage manager, New Century Financial Corporation, the US witnessed the worst problem related to mortgage lending market. As a result of failure of large financial institutions of US, it marked the journey for the worst financial problem. The financial crisis impacted the economy of many Nations, Jean Pisani-Ferry, (2010). This also affected the entire EU economies as a result of international trade.
The EU countries since then called for intervention and revie of financial institution monitoring and regulation. The suggested financial policies to remedy this crisis was associated with financial institution liquidity, investment capital, and formidable corporate structure. Therefore, this article focuses to address all measures by incorporating all the imperative requirements to sustain the economic performance monitored and regulated by the financial institution and other supervisory organs. In addition, it also seeks to resolve the difficulties associated by the banking and supervisory organs at EU to provide sufficient respond to the debt problem.
In 2011, EU focussed on strengthen the policy relation between the member states to ensure that it address the debt problem facing them. According to the, Govaere, et al, 2013, the state council adopted six-pack which was a purely legislative deal meant for addressing the economic structure. The six-pack propelled for the progressive growth together with the pact effectively, specifically in sections associated with fiscal policy. The primary reason of focusing on the six-pack was mainly to assess the response related to the set goals for deficits in all financial plans within the member states. All member state has also tried to install the same process as per their public debts. In 2013 the member states included the second pack was also formulated to solve the crisis. All these interventions were based on two main goals; one was to formulate financial plan coordination via the overview of a combined timeframe for the financial plan process in the EU market partnership and to strengthen the financial and economic crisis among the member states through provision surveillance on member states that may experience worse economic crisis, Olsson, (2009).

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