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Importance of Reflection and Reflecting (Term Paper Sample)


Reflection , 2 references were asked


2019 Term 1 ass_3
Lessons Learnt
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Reflection includes a procedure whereby an individual’s learning is evaluated such that a plan for further course of action can be designed (Boud, Keogh & Walker, 2013). Through reflection learning, one’s own learning experience can be analysed. Reflective practice is regarded to be essential for individual’s pursuing their education, especially in Master of Project Management. Masters in Project Management is a professional course and there are various aspects of knowledge and skills that needs to be mastered. For evaluation of such knowledge and skills, it becomes impertinent to undertake reflective practice. Through reflection, an in-depth and holistic approach to the learning of the course PPMP20008 can be achieved. In the current reflective analysis an in-depth learning analysis of various elements of the course has been undertaken. An examination of every situation in learning can reveal the difficulties faced (Taylor, 2017). According to the difficulties faced, a plan for overcoming learning issues has been designed such that more improvised learning technique can be adopted.
2.1 How I planned to gather and document lessons learnt
When…I planned to identify and collect lessons learntWho… I planned to involve in the process of gathering lessonsHow… I planned to document lessonsIn the beginning of the course, I had a good grasp of what is being taught. But gradually as the course progressed I realised that I needed to collect notes and materials related to the various topics otherwise, I would not be able to revise at the end.Beginning to collect and gather information related to this course, I realised that I had missed out on many class lectures. I realised it would be best to involve my batch mates while gathering information. As they would have all the necessary sections covered in the class. I also planned to take help from my professor such that I can stay on the correct paths of learning. I began collecting to document lessons my noting down the key points in my personal diary. For each and every module, I noted down the sections where relevant notes will be available. For example I estimated that some notes will be available on the Blackboard and other would be with my friends.

2.2 What actually happened?
When... I identified and collected lessons learntWho… I involved in the process of gathering lessonsHow… I documented lessonsWhile actually collecting identified lessons from my course related to Project Costing and Project timeline, I realised that most of my friends did not possess the class notes. While I was absent from these specific classes, those notes pertaining to case studies remained unavailable in the Blackboard.I engaged my friends and colleagues in the notes gathering sessions. But in most areas, it remained ineffective. As I realised that my friends did not possess the necessary notes that I required. However, my professor helped me enormously by guiding me in the notes collection procedure. While I planned to document written lessons in a written format, when I started the procedure, it appeared to be impossible for me. I had to take several print outs and collect them in folders for maintaining record for all the notes.

3. Lessons
3.1 Lesson 1
1. Situation

2. The situation made me feel…

3. What I learnt from reflecting on the situation

During the learning procedure for PMP20008, I faced several challenges. Once of situations that I often faced was inability to apply skills learnt into practice.

The situation of not being able to apply learning skills and knowledge in the practically to case studies made me feel frustrated. I was annoyed at myself for not being able to process the knowledge and skills gathered.

While reflecting on the situation, I learnt that it was not easy to grasp all the course work at one go. One needs to have continuous and step by step learning for the course details of PMP 20008.

(a) Improvement strategy
Explain what the specific strategy is that you will implement to address the lesson identified above

(b) Measurement
How to measure if the strategy works

Why the strategy is achievable

Explain the relevance of strategy to address the lesson

When the strategy will be implemented

I applied step by step learning procedure for the entire course on PMP 20008. I figured that in absence of regular learning I will not be able to gain or apply knowledge related to the course.

The measurement of the effectiveness of the strategy will be in terms of the grades that I attain in class. The more I am able to grasp various concepts, more will the grades that I achieve.

This strategy seemed the only achievable strategy for me. As I could not think of any other manner in which I would be able to master the knowledge and skills of this course.

Regular learning is an exercise that would be most effective in gradual learning procedure. With this strategy I will be easily able to apply my knowledge practically to case studies.

The strategy will be implemented in the beginning of the month of June.

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