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India Market Environment (Term Paper Sample)


the task was about how Indian market environment works. the sample covers how product are produced and sold in India and compares to other countries.


India Market Environment
Jane Doe
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India market environment
The market environment determines a lot how a product is developed and sold. It helps establish the general performance of products that are produced within a country and the revenue flow. At a glance at the market environment of India compared to outside countries like China and Brazil a lot can be deduced. From the nature of the social environment to the economic and political environment it can be seen that India is thriving under the pressure of the global market environment. Comparatively, it is seen that the inner environment market of India is currently in a good state as compared to the external market environment. This follows the expected growth of India profit and market earning in the next ten to fifteen years.
India has the highest number of customer environment, constituting the end consumer, business consumers, and many others. They all contribute to building the internal market environment for India. Together with the public environment, the market environment of India is growing steadily. Moreover, it is observed that most companies in India have managed to retain a steady market flow due to the countries domestic investors. The market economic environment in India can be termed to be favorable as it encourages domestic investor to invest in the country. It depends on variables like interest rates and the inflation rate of the country that has kept the domestic investors aloof. Additionally, it can be seen that the Indian social environment has contributed an enormous percentage of its current position comparing to countries like Brazil. For instance, Brazil is down in its market by twenty-five to thirty percent whereas Indi is only down by eight to nine percent. This is attributed to its robust social environment that has continued to boost the market portfolio of India (Prakash, 2015).
The external market environment is very competitive compared to the internal environment that India is thriving at; this can be observed from the drop in the market of international countries like China and Brazil. Moreover, considering the weakening of the dollar currency used as a standard trade currency in the international market has affected various countries’ economies. The market environment is therefore affected by the dollar currency, given that when it weakens it affects the market. However, this is not a great deal for the Indian market economy as it keeps thriving amidst such challenging environment. Thus, India is perceived as a safe haven considering the current market environment in other regions.
However, there are factors that are still dragging the market economy of India; this is attributed to issues like slackness in price capacity in many companies within India. This affects the market intermediary environment, as they are concerned with distribution and sales of various company products to the people. Nevertheless, the lack of pricing power among companies affects the product price in the market environment. Thus, most companies tend to peg behind, wh...
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