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Food and Beverage Operations Questions (Term Paper Sample)




Food and Beverage Operations Questions
Working as a manager of beverage and Food Company may be challenging especially when faced by rude and unsatisfied customers, this may require professionalism and calmness of the highest degree. There are several ways of handling such customers. First is holding the smiling face. It is important to remain professional no matter how belligerent the customer gets. Just keep smiling since this may neutralize his hunger. Second, if any case there was misconduct in management it is advisable to apologize and assure them their concerns are validated. Third is maintenance of neutral tone of voice (Heejung & June, 2009).
When a manager raises his voice, it only results in a shouting match and no solution. It is therefore encouraged to remain calm and composed as a manager. Another important way to handle angry customers is getting to the issue by noting down such critical incidence and assuring solution. It makes the customer believe their concern is given appropriate attention. Moreover, as a manager it advisable to control emotions and ensure there is no exchange of words with the customer, it makes them violent and difficult to handle (Heejung & June, 2009). Lastly, the customer's misconduct and aggressiveness should not be taken personal; he is just being rude in the context of the job.
Part of being a successful manager is to know how to manage time. This may result to poor training when not managed properly. Best ways of managing time includes; setting clear expectation of goals, sticking to the agendas to save time, multitasking and working smarter and not harder, organizing computer and files prior to the training and lastly be confident to say no or yes over certain issues to save time. Almost 100% of successful training depends on resources and money and when this becomes a diminishing factor, there is likelihood of failure (Petty & Farris, 2012). In every financial budgeting period, there should be amount of money set aside to cater for these expenses. These functions also must be set at a specific period when the resources needed are available, for example, there should be a free hall, which can accommodate staff in that training period. A professional trainee is recommended with proper technical know-how to deliver essential and needed information. If such persons are lacking in the company then they should be hired on a condition of their record and performance. Technical know-how can also be borrowed from other companies, which manufactures the same products (Petty & Farris, 2012).
The goal of hiring too much or too little staff members depends on the company services and the result, which will be produced by those members. Professionally, it needs a strategic objective and targets developed specifically for organizational activities. These objectives depend on moving the company from a certain level to another level of production within the time framework. Too much staff members ensure development of the company when there is a still sizable profit even after taking their salaries. Another objective is setting compensation. This is one of the thorniest for most of the companies. As a manager of the company, it is important to ease the tension by submitting to the management an analysis of the company salaries versus what its rivals are willing to pay.
However, having many staff members does not necessarily mean that salary wage bill will be high since most of them may be demanding low salary per person. This means staffing also depends on technical know-how of employees. A company can have too many unproductive members on one hand while on the other hand it can have very few productive members. This finally implies that spending on the staff depend on the productivity and profit of any company (Paina, 2009).
Sharing financial documents and information with employs may result into dramatic results, which may be negative or positive. The positive results include; one, motivation of individuals when the company has made an overwhelming profit hence this makes them do better than that next time, on the other hand, employees may also work extremely hard when the company has incurred losses. Two, it enables the employees to share out their ideas in case they want to improve the results of the company; this is possible since they have the results at hand (Long & Frang, 2012). Lastly, it enables employees to know which department is not working hard, for example, when there is a lot of stock in the store room for coffee production, this suggest that the sales department is not doing well.
Conversely, giving out financial information may be a great blow to the company. One, there is possibility of dissatisfaction. When there is sizable profit, some employees will wonder why they are being given little packages. Two, there is possibility of leaking information to the competitors on how such profits are made especially in this era of online communication and networking. Lastly, it may also lead to demotivation. This occurs when employs work extremely hard to bring up the company and in turn are surprised by terrible results. It leads to resignation.
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