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Personal Marketing Business Plan for Williams Hair Salon (Term Paper Sample)


the task was to create a business plan for personal business.
i choose to create a personal business plan for Williams Hair Salon. the plans included visions and strategies, Marketing and Implementation Strategy,Risk and Mitigation and business ethics.


Personal Business Plan Student's NameInstitution Date
Personal Business Plan for Williams Hair Salon
Vision and Opportunities
Williams Hair Salon is a beauty salon that operates on full time basis that aims to provide high quality services to its customers. The salon has a plan to use quality products of different variety and provide a conducive environment with affordable price that will satisfy all. The business will ensure that an environment that respect the diversity, race as well as diverse ideas is created. The vision of the business is to provide excellent services and use quality products that are unique and enhance physical appearance. The motto of the business is, customer first priority.
This business aims at maximizing the available opportunities that are not utilized by other people in the same business. This business for instance will be gender sensitive containing workers of both gender as well as serving both genders. This is unique from many hair salons that serve only one gender. In addition to this, modern products as well as hairstyles will be encouraged so that it can attract more customers. People of diverse experience and age will be employed in the business to enhance Innovation. Moreover, social media will be used to enhance the advertisement especially to young people. Utilizing these readily available opportunities will attract more customers and overshadow most of our competitors CITATION Vuo14 \l 1033 (Phuong, 2014).
Marketing and Implementation Strategy
This business has a good marketing strategy that will attract more customers than other competitors. The business shall sell the experience and ensure that the information is available to many people. Selling the experience will be achieved by displaying images of high quality, products and the location where the business is located. The information will be displayed on billboard and social media websites including Facebook and Instagram. The business shall also focus on retaining customers. This will be achieved by providing customers with business card containing stylistic name and business information so that they can inquire or make appointment next time. In addition to this, the business will have a promotion where a customer who introduces new customer receives a forty percent pay cut. This strategy can attract more customers leading to more profit. Moreover, market segmentation will be applied to ensure that customers of all economic status are served CITATION AMA171 \l 1033 (AMA, 2017).
Marketing implementation will ensure that the marketing plan has been put into action. In this business, there is an effective and efficient coordination of various activities within the business that ensure all customers are attended and given quality service without delay. Marketing control has been also put in place. This will ensure that corrective action

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