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Public Finance Proposal (San Diego) (Term Paper Sample)


Use the Internet to access the city of San Diego\'s most recent (2009/2010) budget and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Write a 600-word paper in which you cover the municipality as a whole, and include the topics below: A description and summary of San DIego including: Demographics Employment/unemployment data


Public Finance Proposal (San Diego)
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San Diego city just like most economies is recovering from recession that has been witnessed in most regions of the world (Whitfield, 2010). The laws that govern San Diego are part of those of California State. This is a brief summary of the municipality of San Diego with great emphasis being laid on employment and unemployment information. In addition, demographics of San Diego is also explored
Demographics can be defined as quantifiable statistics of a particular population (Whitfield, 2010). Demographics help in identification of subsets in a population group that helps to characterize the population within a given time. The population of San Diego city as at June 2010 was approximated to be about 1 376 173. This was lower compared to 1 353 993 in the previous year. In the year 2009, personal income in dollars was estimated to be about 42 857 116. According to Whitfield (2010), in the year 2010 personal income dropped to 43 522 125. Similarly, personal income expressed in terms of per capita also dropped in the same year.
Unemployment is referred to as share of persons within an economy that are both willing and capable of working but have not been able to secure a job (Vedder, 2013). Unemployment is a main concern in San Diego. The city has been characterized by a steady increase in the number of the unemployed from 2001 all through to the year 2010. In 2010, the highest unemployment rate was noted standing at approximately at 9.7%. This was a 3.7 per cent increase from the 6.0% of the previous...
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