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Algorithmic Technologies in Memes (Term Paper Sample)


1. Pick a topic. Possible topics can encompass any media technology or phenomenon, such:
- a set of technologies, i.e. digital TV or social media.
- a specific technology or service, i.e. or iPhones.
- a media-based phenomenon, i.e. memes or music piracy.
- an emerging technology, i.e. augmented reality.
-an older technology, i.e. radio.
2. Quickly describe the medium or phenomenon you have chosen. Provide basic background, historical and technological details.
3. Address one or more of the following research questions:
- how did the technology come to be seen as new?
- which problems or tensions characterized its adoption within a society?
-were there mismatches between its intended uses and concrete practices (ie. how it actually was used) once it was adopted?
- what is the relationship between this technology and older media?
- how did this technology become new again through new uses and practices?
You do not need discuss all the above areas but can select any one or any combination of them. Be sure to make algorithms part of the picture.
4. Highlight the general significance of your technology or phenomenon by addressing one or more of the following: does your analysis point to a conclusion that can be applied to new (or old) media in general? Does your analysis contradict theories we discussed in class? Is the medium you’ve focused on part of a broader transformation of our media environment? What is this medium’s significance in social, political, or historical terms? Be creative and try to use this part to link your research with media theory or broader political and societal issues related to media.
5. Research: cite at least 3 peer-reviewed, academic sources. You can also use assigned course readings and cite credible news media outlets but neither of these count towards the 3 academic sources. Document your sources, and provide a references page, using APA style.
6. Writing: be sure that your paper is written clearly and professionally. Be sure to include a title and your name on the assignment.


Algorithmic Technologies in Memes
Due Date
Algorithmic Technologies in Memes
Media Description
Memes are cultural information patterns that are passed from one individual to another through social media or media sources that transmit and shape a group of individuals' cultural behavior and actions. Memes have become a common phenomenon in today's digital society due to the development of media technology which has caused easier interaction among individuals globally (Shifman 2013). Many individuals can easily identify a meme through observation on social media platforms but cannot define what memes are and their origins.
The word meme originates from the Greek word mimema, which means an imitation of something. The word meme originates from Richard Dawkins's book entitled The Selfish Gene, which was published in 1976. Dawkins describes memes as imitations that contribute to society's cultural transmission, such as style, trends, slang, and religious and political ideas. A meme's survival depends on its popularity among individuals on social media platforms (Flecha et al., 2021). Internet memes have a lifespan that is dependent on how individuals on social platforms accept or rejects their popularity. Internet memes are user-generated in which individuals use images and videos to make creative ideas that become popular among social media users and are used to communicate, educate and entertain.
Adoption of the Media Technology
Factors that are essential in creating internet memes include creativity, relativity, and content material. The most important factor is the media in which the meme is created and shared among social groups (Nieubuurt 2021). Over the years, memes have been communicated and shared among individuals through various media sources, primarily visual and audio channels. With the

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