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Media Term Paper About Technology And Communication (Term Paper Sample)




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According with Bloom, Garicano,Sadun & Van Reenen,2014 to technology have facilitated to changes in the communication both to the individuals and the organization. The noted developments in technology include the uses of computers, new networking, emails and social media platform for dialogue. The use of computers has been widely used in the management of the organizations more so in communication, in net networked systems the organization management can send messages through the email to their members. The computers have been used to store the data necessary for the administration. The secure network enables the organization to operate to vast geographical areas.
According with Denney & Sammon, 2015 the use of the mobile phones has enhanced quick and reliable communications in the business organizations. Mobile phones are portable and are well networked which facilitate the users to make the call at any time from any place. The coordination of the company has benefited from the new technology. The communication cost has been reduced by the currents use of the technology through which the service providers offer at low prices. The differentiated network services providers have enabled the users to have quality communication to the clients and the customers (McNaughton, & Light, 2013).The mobile phones can access to the internet's services which offer alternatives methods of communications.
According with Hashim, 2015 social media platforms such as Facebook, twitters, and blogs have facilitated the new communication from business organization, to their potential customers and the active customers. Through the Facebook, the company creates the page where the communications are made and feedbacks obtained. In most cases, the Company uses the facebook page to make advertisements and make urgent messages to the customers. The interested clients can view the information about the Company from the blogs. A large number of individuals who uses the facebook pages is potential customers to the Company.
According with Eisenberg, Goodall & Trethewey, 2013 new organizational structures has played a major role in enhancing communication. The new design and decorations used by the Companies have emerged as successful communication tools in the organization. The use of similar construction design is an indication that the business organization has the same production purpose. The decoration acts as a symbol of uniformity of the organization. The green color has been used by Safaricom which is one of the communication providers. All the related services to the Company have the decorations which are similar to give the customers the same views. It is a clear communication strategy the by the Company (Hashim, 2015).
According to Miritello, Moro, Lara, Martínez-López, Belchamber, Roberts, & Dunbar, 2013 new industries have elements of communication to the public on the goods and services which are offered by the organization. The merging of the Companies to form a single organization has an image that the two organizations are working together to provide adequate and quality services to the members. The uniformity in the products and services provided in wide geographical regions communicate the widespread of the firm to other countries. The customers learn the ability of the organization to offer the best services to a large group of customers. The uniformity in production is communication by itself (McNaughton, & Light,2013).
Personal experiences on the Safaricom Company
Over the last ten years, Safaricom has been offering services to its customers across many world nations by providing the communication services to individuals and business organization. Some of the services offered by the Company include networked communication and money transfers services by the name M-pesa. The Company communications have improved gradually through the adaptation of the new technology. The use of the networked computers in all the Company departments has facilitated the organization to offer quality and reliable services to the customers promptly. The machine can store large volumes of customer's data and transitions taking place on dairy services. The full-time operations have been possible through the use of set computer systems which monitors the customer's services. The Company has gained benefits as well as the users of the services. Some of the benefits include huge profits made by the company, increased numbers of the customer worldwide to serve and large market shares which is essential to the Company long life in the market. The customers have benefited from the cost reduction to 80%. The quick transfer of information by use of email, internets and social media services is clear indication of the enhanced communication (Bloom, Garicano,Sadun & Van Reenen,2014).
The construction design and decorations of the premises have facilitated the communication to a large number of the customers by creating public relations and awareness. Safaricom Company similarity in construction design and coloring has created an image to most people of the services which are offered there, including communication and money transfers services. The color has created publicity where advertisements are free to the general public. The result of design and color is the increased sales up to 85% of the set target. The Company has applied the technology to 90%. The management and organization of Safaricom have been smooth and profitable to the organization. The quality and improved services have been the result of new strategies in communications.
In an interview where a sample of 2000 customers, 400 agents, and 20 officials was interviewed to provide useful information about the current developments in communication and the extent covered. The interview was conducted for one month over nine countries. The interviewers had two main objectives when conduction the interview, which are emerging communication strategies and the overall benefits realized. The officials provided the following information related to emerging communication and its effects onto the Company; firstly the Company is intensively using the computers to improve the communications and enhance the storage of the large data from the vast numbers of the customers served. The team also informed the interviewers that the new technology had improved the network to reach many customers and offered quality services. Also, the Safaricom officials explained that technology application has reached to about 85% according to the management's team. The advertising has facilitated 80% of the customer's satisfaction through the use of social media platforms such as facebook and twitter. The team stated that the Company has increased the income and offered the best services to customers from the emerging issues (Miritello, Moro, Lara, Martínez-López, Belchamber, Roberts, & Dunbar, 2013).
The agents provided reliable information on the benefits arrived from the use of the new technology, new organizational structures, and new industries. The cheap and faster transfer of the information has been a key success from the communication strategies. The customer can send up to $700 and below to other clients within a short period. The new organizational structure has offered an adequate number of customers through publicity. The customer has the easy time accessing to the building where such services are offered. It has created high numbers of job opportunities up to 65% of target (Eisenberg, Goodall & Trethewey, 2013).
The customers who were interviewed provided positive feedback on the services provided by the Safaricom Company. The social media platforms have been facilitated by the quality networks offered by the Firm. The customers said they could interact with other members of the societies without physical movements from one geographical region to another which has saved cost up to 70%. The blogs have the potential customers to gain enough information from the company publications. The customer's satisfaction has been achieved up to 80% of the expectations. It has been possible through the developments in the communication (Ruggiero & Vos, 2014).
Company publications
Internet connection with the serves such as Google which provide the wide variety of information has been possible through the use of well network system from Safaricom Company. With Google services, the members can send information through the use of email. It is possible to communicate to more than 100 customers by sending the same mails to them. The immediate feedback from the customers has enabled the Company to improve the services according to the customers' needs. The widespread connection has become a good control tool for management to achieving the set target (Ruggiero & Vos, 2014).
The increased capital for the Company and high rate of return has been the contribution to the welfare of the shareholders of the Company. The customers can access their bank accounts through the internets provided by the organization. The speed of diffusion of information and the dependability has been a result of good working systems on communication through the use of mobile phones which are portable. The short messages have enhanced the users to leaves a message to the customers who are not accessible at that time. The Company can reach to its customers on dairy services which meat it is 90% of information diffusions.
Safaricom is one of the leading Companies which have many branches in the world to enable communication globally. The international market has become the global village where the information is easy exchanges with the customers and service providers up to 70% (Whitmore, Agarwal & Da Xu 2015). The Company has a higher market share of 75% whic...
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