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Traits to be a Leading Entrepreneur (Term Paper Sample)


Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world. The founder and CEO of Apple possessed five key skills that helped him to create an empire. These five skills included motivation, negotiation, directness, and strategic vision. While Steve disliked kindness, he loved confrontation. In addition to these skills, he also had an intuitive sense for business strategy. He also knew how to use all of his different skills to improve the company.
One of Steve Jobs' business skills was his ability to create a powerful narrative. As a corporate storyteller, he had the ability to enlighten, inspire, and entertain the audience. He did this without PowerPoint, so everyone could agree on what he was trying to convey. The key to achieving breakthrough success and creating a radical transformation was Steve Jobs's understanding of customers. He believed that the best way to win them was to help them realize their dreams.
Leadership is an important skill that Steve Jobs displayed throughout his life. He had the ability to inspire others and make them believe in what he was doing. He taught his employees that a great leader needs to create a vision and inspire them to achieve it. He taught his employees that a great manager is an individual contributor and should help them reach their dreams. He was a great storyteller, so he was able to inspire people and communicate his ideas without PowerPoint.
Learning to inspire others was another of Steve Jobs' key skills. He was an exceptional corporate storyteller, educating, and inspiring his audience. He did this without using PowerPoint and instead made the audience understand what he was trying to communicate. As a result, he created a company that is one of the most innovative. The power of vision lies in its ability to motivate people to do what you want them to do.
Leadership skills: In the technical industry, Steve Jobs was a leader who demonstrated many of these skills. He was a visionary, and he used these skills to transform Apple into a successful company. He knew that leadership requires the use of different skills, so he created a system that emphasized leadership. The leader must have the right attitude to inspire employees. It needs to be positive, but it also must inspire the audience.
As a leader, aspire to lead with passion and drive. Aspire to inspire others and your employees. Be the best person you can be. By practicing vision and visionary techniques, you will be able to inspire others to work harder and become more effective. Aspire to be the best. Inspire yourself to become the best you can be. If you want to succeed in business, you must be a dreamer. The best leaders are always willing to try new things.


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Steve Jobs has been described as one of the most outstanding CEOs who ever lived. He managed Apple and made it the world's leading technlogy company. This could have never been possible without good qualities, characteristics, and traits. Jobs' upfront style scaled Apple into new heights, and he had three main attributes that successful leaders have: clear vision, hunger to enhance its business and its workers, and a capacity to encourage trust. Steve Job also showed Characteristics of a successful Entrepreneurs which includes taking what you do seriously, focusing on customer, he was also able to harness technology and encouraged a habit of continuous learning (Strielkowski, & Chigisheva, 2018).
The traits which made him be to be described as leading entrepreneur was his unbelievable imagination. Steve Job envisioned the business growth and taking customers and market share from some of the fiercest competitors; he anticipated that the company's goods and services would modify the way customers communicate, live, and work. He built Apple's business under the supposition that Apple's goods would change the world (Kim,2020).
Steve's mysterious ability to create and design technological goods helped improve Apple's market share and make the company a leader in innovation and creativeness. He's a leader when it comes to interactive and innovative design. He concentrated on design achieved through technology and was unquestionably perfect (S

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