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Term Paper About Collaboration in special education (Term Paper Sample)


Analyzing the steps to be taken when discussing with the administration on collaboration and the reflection on the consideration.


Over the years, it has come to the notice of many educators and educationalists that in schools, teachers only get to share very few things, this including the parking lot and the staff rooms. Most of the teachers like it this way, though not a healthy practice, walking into a classroom and greeting the children a good day, and after you are done with your business, you leave. This is one of the side effects of one becoming a teacher, that is isolation, but as we all know, an effective teacher is one who wants to grow in the profession, one who intends to collaborate with others. Therefore we can say that collaboration, is whereby teachers gather around to talk about their personal lives, their difficulties with some students or even the movies and television shows that they have watched. Nevertheless, collaboration can be just defined as a team of teachers who tend to work interdependently to achieve a mutual goal.
On the other hand, it is right to say that inclusive practices are the approaches to teaching in which the diversity and the creativity of students are recognized. Also, students can fully participate in learning activities and access the full content of the course they are taking. But to achieve all this, and build on the teacher's professional development, they, the teachers have to "grab the bull by its horns" and take on formal collaboration. First and foremost, my role as a new teacher would be to create relationships with the other teachers. Get to know them, and they know me. I might be overloaded with paperwork or any other form of planning, but I will have to take my time to seek them out, help them and most above all, spend time with them building relationships. This has one benefit in that, although you are the "new guy," none of the teachers will refer to you by that name. Otherwise, all of them will tend to consider you as a colleague.
Observing the very best teachers and looking for help from them is vital in developing real collaboration between teachers. One should seek as many teachers as possible no matter the academic discipline in which they teach and emulate them. By doing so, one can generate a formal communication between the teacher and himself. This produces stronger bonds in that the more experienced teacher will feel more appreciated simply because of his excellent teaching skills. However, in doing so, care should be taken not to be too inquisitive or too judgmental because people vary in nature and some people in general hate questions.
As we all know, preparation is essential. Preparing myself before attending the teacher conferences boosts the rate of a formal collaboration between teachers. This type of development is whereby a teacher tends to come up with different sets of mind-boggling questions to pose them to the colleagues during the meeting. This is vital therefore in that the length of the meeting will be prolonged and the teachers will tend to communicate even more and provide suggestions for the improvement of the school.
Giving the students an equal opportunity and including everyone in the ac

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