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Term paper on teacher strategies to tackle behavioral issues in the classromm (Term Paper Sample)


This is term paper of undergraduate students. This paper is about teachers strategies to tackle behavioral issues of students in the classroom. This paper contain 6 pages, written in time new roman style. The points discussed in this paper are what is meant by behavioral issues, what are the reasons and sources of behavioral issues and teachers strategies to resolve this issues.


“Misbehaviour is inappropriate or bad behavior.” Student Misbehaviour:
“Any behavior that reduce the teacher’s ability to maintain effective learning environment In the classroom”.
“The act of students that distract the flow of learning process in the classroom or any behavior that is inappropriate in the classroom can be known as student’s misbehavior”.
Common Misbehaviour in classroom:
The most common misbehavior issues occur in the classroom are:
* Disrespect, Shouting out, Committing violent act, Aggression, Defiance, Bullying, Not following direction, Arguing, Stealing, Hitting, Conflict etc.
* Misbehaviour in the classroom disrupts students' attention and negatively impacts the learning environment.
* To ensure the best educational experience possible, teachers must master the art of classroom management
Problems of students’ Misbehaviour:
There are several reasons, which state that, why student Misbehaviour is problematic:
* Because students Misbehaviour irritates members of the teaching profession
* It is harmful in the progress of education of the “bad child” • It may have untoward effects in the life of child in future.
* It may disrupt the educational and social progress of “good children” who share a classroom with “bad children.
Causes of students Misbehaviour in the classroom:
Sources of Misbehaviour Children Teachers Society Sources of Misbehaviour Children Teachers Society
Causes of Misbehaviour: The children:
Attention seeking:
Some children try to gain the attention of others, such as parents or teachers, by showing antisocial behavior. They think that by misbehaving they gain the attentions of others. In this situation Teacher must try to give attention to student when he or she is engaged in acceptable behavior; and, ignored, unacceptable behavior.
Learning difficulties:
When students have difficulties in learning and when they have lack of certain skills that will help them to interact in the classroom and the children who have difficulties with their work will be probably unsatisfied with themselves and will have a negative feeling about school and the classroom work. When students are unable to manage work in the classroom, they might easily turn their efforts to other activities such as start to misbehave.
Causes of Misbehaviour: The teacher:
These are some of the common reasons for student misbehavior that are related to the teachers’ actions, which can be simply classified into three reasons that can lead to children’s bad behavior in the classroom. These are: the teacher’s authority, the teacher’s ability to exercise the necessary classroom control and the teacher’s personality.
Causes of misbehavior: The society:
Society are also the cause of student misbehaving. Such as Students family setup affects their behavior in school .this could be a reason why one of the students will misbehave in the classroom. Parent’s mutual relationship and attitude also has great impact on student behavior.
Observing violence and aggression from the environment is a cause of student Misbehaviour.
Strategies to tackle Misbehaviour in the classroom:
Misbehavior in the classroom negatively affects the learning environment. To create an effective classroom environment and delivering lecture in an effective way, teachers must master the art of classroom management. Although this is a challenge but there are solutions to misbehavior in even the most difficult students. Following are some of the strategies that teacher cam use to overcome the problem of misbehavior in the classroom.
Monitor Students regularly:
Students who feel that teacher are monitoring them regularly will less likely to misbehave than those who assume teacher is not watching them. It is important that the teacher move in the classroom to check on students' progress and help those students who have struggling in their activities or this way children focused on the task at hand and stay away from other destructive activities that cause misbehavior such as shouting out ,stealing others students things and bullying etc.
Model appropriate behavior:
Teacher need to be positive role model and behave in the same way that is expected from students. If teacher are impatient, quick to anger and uncaring for their students' feelings, in this way students will less likely to demonstrate positive behavior that are expecting from them.. Set a positive example by showing high levels of patience, politeness and enthusiasm. For example if teacher expect from the children to use quiet "inside" voices, teacher must speak at that volume as well. Similarly if teacher ask students to always be on time, then it is important for teacher to demonstrate good time management.
Class Meetings
If many students of a classroom having same problems or if a particular issue gets out of hand, teacher need to arrange a classroom meeting. Make it clear to students that what is their unacceptable behavior and why. Ask students to give suggestion about to improve the situation. This gives students a chance to participate in the problem-solving process and given their own ideas on how to stop misbehavior occurring.
Showing Positive attitude:
When a student misbehaves, teacher need to stay calm and show positive attitude instead of react negatively or showing frustration. Teacher need to take a deep breath and try to handle the situation as calmly as possible instead of showing their aggression toward students. If teacher try to handle or stop to misbehavior in an angry state, their decision-making will suffer, and teacher will only pass their negative feelings to other students who will easily sense their lack of control.
Nonverbal action:
Teacher use nonverbal cues to get students attention. Flip light switches, use hand gestures that alert students to quiet down. Teacher need to discuss these cues with class before implementing them so students know exactly what they mean and how they should respond to them.
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