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Social, Economic, Political Factors, and Music Analysis of Carmen McRae's Works (Term Paper Sample)


Specific instructions are outlined as follows:
1. Contextualization of Where Carmen McRae is Historically Situated.
2. Connection of CARMEN MCRAE with Other Artists of the Period.
3. Discussing Social, Economic, and Political Factors Relating to McRae’s Works.
4. Musical Analysis of McRae’s Works (A review of all devices that make the work outstanding to the audience)


Jazz and Research
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Jazz and Research
The modern audience celebrates some American jazz musicians long after their deaths. Carmen McRae is an example artiste who enjoys this honor in her grave. She was a talented pianist and vocalist whose elegant, complex, and innovative improvisations made her a jazz idol. A review of the singer’s historical context, relationship with other artists of the time, and musical techniques sheds light on not only her works but also offers insight into overall jazz music and the political, social, and economic factors that influenced the music industry during the period. 
Contextualizing Where the Artist is Historically Situated
Born in 1920, before her demise in 1994, McRae had already become a renowned jazz vocalist. The success of other women in jazz during the singer’s lifetime also influenced her career. Before her, some other people had already succeeded as jazz composers and performers. She even quotes Billie Holiday as her idol, meaning she admired this other woman greatly. A historical time that did not bar women from engaging in commercial activities like singing for a living is attributable to McRae's entry into the music industry. In the 1920s, women drew particular recognition on the piano when they started playing instruments in jazz (Howze, n.d.). Also, another historical aspect that influenced McRae and other women’s involvement in music is the drafting of male jazz musicians for involvement in World War II (Howze, n.d.). The drafting led to the replacement of these male singers with female performers. Numerous all-female bands were sprouting in the U.S. and other western nations. 
Connection with Other Artists of the Period
The connection between McRae and other artists of 

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