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The Mission Act and the Veteran's Administration (Term Paper Sample)


the task is about the mission act and the veteran's administration
it is about the social equity, decision - making, public service motivation, accountability, values, ethics with progress being made in veteran's administration through the mission act and its services provided as well as employee performance.


The Missions Act and Veteran Administration
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The Missions Act and Veteran Administration
Health care delivery is a critical assignment in the life of a medical care provider. It requires functional structures, competencies, and morally sound individuals to handle such an immense task, failure to which dire consequences arise. Health care delivery requires the right infrastructure, personnel as well as supporting legislation. Different factors contribute to the proper delivery of efficient and high-quality medical services.
Social Equity
Social equity is defined as the act of fairness when delivering public services. Social equity is egalitarian since every person has the right to be accorded fair treatment just like any other person even though economically and in terms of personal traits, they are different. 
The Mission Act has enhanced access to quality care in the VA medical centers. The quality of services has also improved and extended to the medically underserved areas.
The implementation of the Mission Act has given the Veterans more options for medical services as to where they can receive treatment (Adams, Sayre & Saini, 2019). Furthermore, more care is available for the community outside the general VA healthcare system. 

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