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History Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


The essay is abaout the American History.


History Term Paper
History Term Paper
The United States of America has one of the most extensive and richest histories in the world. The nation suffered a lot from the hands of the colonialists. Settlers expelled the natives from their lands. It was in terms of slave trading as people were shipped from their native areas in Africa and forced to work in farms owned by the settlers. After the independence in 1776, the abolitionists started fighting against slavery with the North putting forward ethic criticism. At the same time, the South defended the act through the legal rights of property. Through the 13th amendment to the constitution, slavery was wholly abolished, and this act set a new road of unity and economic growth in the country.
Reconstruction basically defined the initiative taken by the ruling class to restore all the seceding U.S. states and, moreover, integrate the freedmen or rather the African-Americans back into the American society. This occurred during the civil war, which ended in 1877 and after that. The confederate states wanted to break away from the United States’ Union, and this fueled the civil war. The reconstruction policies were adopted with the aim of re-uniting the country again. The South was totally radical against the abolishment of slavery, but some changes propped up in the southern politics, whereby southern whites majorly of the middle and low class cooperated with the blacks in the region in order to voice their demands, as well as political views.
Amongst the reconstruction measures the U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln took was the enactment of the 13th, 14th, and the 15th amendments to the constitution, which basically fought for the recognition of the black American society. The 13th constitutional amendment was aimed at completely abolishing the acts of slavery in the U.S. This act for once stopped the rampant slavery, which was exercised throughout the country, even though it had attained independence many years ago (Reconstruction, n.d. 2013).
The 14th constitutional amendment, which was approved on The 28th of July 1868 basically, granted the U.S. citizenship to everyone naturalized or born in the country together with the previous slaves. Moreover, the law gave all the citizens equal legal protection through and broadened the civil rights or rather the Bills of Rights to all citizens. The amendment further sanctioned the government to carry out punishments to all the states, which abridged citizens’ constitutional rights to vote through proportionally dropping their political representation in the country’s congress. This amendment was a big relief to the blacks who had been treated as minorities in the society before then (Reconstruction, n.d. 2013).
The 15th amendment was consented on 1870 and this law basically barred states from the act of disenfranchising American voters on the basis of preceding situation of servitude, color, or even race. However, the act left open the likelihood that the states might introduce voter credentials evenly to all American races, and the confederate states grabbed the advantage to institute literacy tests, and even poll taxes. Therefore, generally these reconstruction revisions to the U.S. constitution highly extended fresh constitutional and legal protections to the African-Americans in the country (Reconstruction, n.d. 2013).
The southern populist’s movement emerged during the 1890s and this revolution for several years forged a universal cause between the disadvantaged whites as well as blacks during the period when the South was enacting the re-enslavement of all freedmen. This move appealed to the drastic republicans and saw them working together towards achieving remarkable changes. Therefore, through this the whites and the blacks fostered a strong force to reckon within the political arena (Harper, n.d. 2013).
The southern populist’s movement emerged during the 1890s as the third American party. The organization was founded on several coalitions, which were that of the coal miners, silver miners, cotton resident farmers, as well as the wheat farmers. The main aim of the movement was to fight for the poor Americans regardless of their race or color. The blacks and whites that participated in the party were all from the disadvantaged entity of the American society (Harper, n.d. 2013).
The populist movement, which had seen the uniting together of the Americans who were of the middle and lower social statuses, was basically weak and it was masked by the two political movements which were famous at that time namely the democrats and the republicans. After the 1892 elections, which saw the Populist Party acquiring several congress seats, the movement failed to solidify their policies and died down due to violence, intimidation, and fraud by the southern democrats and by 1896 the movement’s politica...
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