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Advantages of Net Neutrality (Term Paper Sample)


The task is about network service providers and principles that regulate networks, especially in the USA. The document discusses some of the advantages of net neutrality.


Krämer, J., Wiewiorra, L., & Weinhardt, C. (2013). Net neutrality: A progress report. Telecommunications Policy, 37(9), 794-813.
This material is important as it offers a summary of what has been achieved in relation to net neutrality. The research paper summarizes the extensive debate that has occurred over time. The authors have looked into relevant changes in policy which have necessitated alteration of public stance on the issue of net neutrality. The research paper is important and relevant to the study as it will inform on the important policy developments that have taken place. Further, current opportunities have been explored. Using this material will help in developing an informed opinion on what net neutrality includes. The research has included various telecommunications perspectives in understanding this issue.
Cheng, H. K., Bandyopadhyay, S., & Guo, H. (2011). The debate on net neutrality: A policy perspective. Information systems research, 22(1), 60-82.
The policy perspective is a study which adequately analyzes the causes and implications of various policy changes regarding net neutrality. The authors have sought to answer the important question as to whether net neutrality should be adopted or not. The research is also important in explaining policy changes. There is good historical documentation of policy alterations and how they have previously impacted the way the internet is used by all people. The paper offers unbiased opinions on the two sides of discussion. This allows the audience to have independent opinions based on the strength of the arguments that have been brought forward.
Bourreau, M., Kourandi, F., & Valletti, T. (2015). Net neutrality with competing internet platforms. The Journal of Industrial Economics, 63(1), 30-73.
In this paper, the author has focused on analyzing the impacts of net neutrality on the digital economy. It is an important perspective that should be considered given that a lot of resources are invested in online platforms in order to enhance customer experience. The paper has shown how neutrality benefits many individuals compared to when there is discrimination as to how content is shared and accessed. The paper will impactful and relevant to the current topic as it aids to comprehend how the competition in the current online platforms is affecting access to digital information.
Altman, E., Legout, A., & Xu, Y. (2011, May). Network non-neutrality debate: An economic analysis. In International Conference on Research in Networking (pp. 68-81). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
This is a research paper in support of net non-neutrality. It is written based on the International Conference on Research in Networking. The authors have uniquely presented the advantages that accompany the non-neutrality of the internet. Moreover, the authors have presented the existing challenges of adopting net neutrality. Therefore, the research is highly relevant to the discussion. It offers the advantages and disadvantages of having net neutrality and detailed analysis based on the different existing perspectives. Such two-faced contribution to the topic under review is important as the authors have not aided in shaping the opinion.
Cheng, A. S., Fleischmann, K. R., Wang, P., Ishita, E., & Oard, D. W. (2012). The role of innovation and wealth in the net neutrality debate: A content analysis of human values in congressional and FCC hearings. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 63(7), 1360-1373.
Cheng et al. investigate the role of innovation and wealth in the net neutrality debate. These are fundamental aspects in society which are deemed to affect and influence how decisions are made in the digital arena. The author has shown that wealth and innovation are affected by non-neutrality. It is because only a few established digital entities will have power to dominate over any new and upcoming company. The authors also extended to include the existing human values in support of net neutrality as well as those that are opposed to it. The work helps to fully comprehend how wealth is created and shared through the online media.
Boliek, B. (2011). FCC regulation versus antitrust: How net neutrality is defining the boundaries. BCL Rev., 52, 1627.
Boliek (2011) is another scholar who took time to interact and discuss how neutrality is affecting the digital arena. Through it, it is apparent that boundaries in the development and dissemination of digital content have been established fairly. The scholar adequately considers the role of FCC regulations in the creation of net neutrality. Therefore, the resource is relevant as it helps to explain the stance taken by the FCC on net neutrality. It explains the reasons behind every decision made and therefore acting as an informative test for carrying out the research.
McMurria, J. (2016). From Net Neutrality to Net Equality. International Journal of Communication (19328036), 10.
McMurria is a pro-net neutrality scholar. In this research he has addressed various contradicting themes in network usage and neutrality. The author has gone further to explain all the inherent characteristics. The core issues affecting neutrality and equality have been presented. The author manages to show the link between net neutrality and net equality which is highly desirable. Using the text, it will be possible to comprehend the pros and cons of net neutrality. Practical examples have been offered in order to show the main difference between the two concepts. Such text will be a critical source in the research through the new dimension of net equality that has been presented.
Wong, J. (2011). Net Neutrality: Preparing for the Future. J. Nat'l Ass'n Admin. L. Judiciary, 31, 669.
Wong is another research that is pro-net neutrality. In his paper, he is interested in showing how innovations in the future are tied to the current decisions in internet access and usage. The author maintains that there will be reduced innovation in the future when non-neutrality is adopted. The author, therefore, takes the opportunity to urge the audience to ensure net neutrality is maintained. The material will be important in the research as it links the current practices to what is anticipated in the future.
Stylianou, K. (2016). The Persistent Problems of Net Neutrality or Why Are We Still Lacking Stable Net Neutrality Regulation. In Net Neutrality Compendium (pp. 211-229). Springer, Cham.
In this article, the author has shown his dedication against net neutrality. He has adequately examined the challenges that are caused by net neutrality. He has analyzed how directl

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