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Network Topology IT & Computer Science Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


WRITE Network Topology PROPOSAL


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Network Topology
Star Network Topology
The star network topology would be the most appropriate network topology that should be implemented in this case. This topology is implemented on a Local Area Network that comprises of hubs, workstations and other networking devices, which are connected to single main computer referred to as the server. Every single client computer for this situation is by implication associated with other client computers via the server computer. According to Deo, N. (2017), for some star topology networks, the server computer can also be used as a client computer.
Reasons for choosing Star Topology
Various points of interest & characteristics proves that, the star topology is best suited for the current scenario. The reasons below are explains my preference for the star topology mentioned above:
Contrasted with some other topology, it performs adequately since it is powerful and uses the accessible data transfer capacity to the most extreme.
Star topology simplifies the task of associating new computers, hubs and other networking devices to the already implemented network. The technology also makes it simple to associate new hubs or devices to the current network. The connection is simple and doesn’t influence whatever is left of the hubs or devices, which are currently associated with the focal computer.

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