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Child relocation after divorce is harmful (Term Paper Sample)


The task was to research on the effects that relocation has on the child especially after the parents divorce. The sample focuses on the negative effects that a child undergoes after the parents part ways. These comprises the mental, social, intellectual effects which can interfere with the child\'s life.

Child relocation after divorce is harmful
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Child relocation after divorce is harmful
Divorce can be detrimental on the part of the child, among the decision made entails relocation of the child with the custodian parent. This move means separating the child from one of the parent in totality. The child is subjected to new environs, which negatively affect the child physical, mental and psychological growth. These changes ranges from emotional imbalances, health conditions such as asthma and psychological traumas .(Waldron K. 2005). These reasons should deter any parent from opting to relocate their child(ren) away from the other parent. Sonoma County in California has well stipulated post divorce relocation laws which are geared for the well being of the child, unfortunately relocation is detrimental on the part of the child. It robs the child the physical relationship he/she should have with both parent, for the totally development of an individual.(ibid)
Any society progression is determined by what kind of children a couple brings up, in terms of morals and values. the infusion of both the parent to nurture a moral and a child full of values is thus threatened by relocation of the child which breaks the rhythmic order of child’s total development, hence the society at large. A child who lacks the care and support of both parents lacks the confidence and security in facing life challenges. Such a child suffers from low-self worth and eventually suicidal attempts (Divorce Statistic)
Relocation reinforces the permanent separation of the child from the non custodian parents, which create a vacuum in terms of guiding, directing and advising the child. This is severe when the child is about 2-3 years and requires total parental guidance in shaping the child’s personality. (Waldron K. 2005). At an advanced age of 12-13 the child may opt to seek answers to her personality in experimental behaviors such as drugs, social gatherings and this determines what they become in future. Such a child will experience more psychological problems. This is proven by the statics which indicates a 35% instead of 13% of such children having a wide range of psychological related problems such as anxiety, depression and sadness. (Divorce statistics) This is evidence by the research which was undertaken on a group of college students who were from divo...
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