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Law Case Term Paper About Criminal Court Visit (Term Paper Sample)


Law Case Term Paper About Criminal Court Visit


Criminal Court Visit
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In the current society, administration of justice is hard to come by. Our courts are marred by impunity which makes it hard for justices to be delivered. This project focuses on a court proceeding that I attended and my personal opinion on the administration of justice. My observations in the court proceeding and my opinion on the same are based on the common saying ‘justices delayed is justice denied.' However, I stand to be corrected. I also believe that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. With this in mind, I wish to clarify that what I am writing is my opinion. It is only through the courts that we expect to get justice.
I had an opportunity to attend a court proceeding. This was in the district court. There were around three cases whereby the judge gave the investigating authorities' time to conduct their investigations. The last case really caught my attention. In the case, two suspects were accused of robbery with violence and murder. In this case, one of the suspects was a taxi driver. The taxi driver claimed to have been hired by his friend to take the friend and his two collogues to a mission that they did not disclose to him. As a business man, he was attracted by the amount of money that he was offered to take them to a shopping mall. Little did he know that his friend and the colleagues were going for a mission. The mission was none other than to rob.
The taxi driver was required to take the three guys to the shopping mall at exactly twelve noon. He performed his duty as a taxi driver. He dropped the three guys at the mall. Since it was lunch time, he decided to have lunch at a cafeteria next to the mall. He went to the cafeteria ordered for his lunch. As he was eating, he had gun shots from the shopping mall. Due to curiosity, he went to ascertain what was happening in the mall. As he stepped out, he could not believe what he saw. The passengers he had were running out with each carrying a bag. From nowhere came a car at and the three jumped in and the car sped off.
He could not believe what he had witnessed. Before he could plan his next course of action, policemen came and they arrested him. One of the robbers was also arrested and here they were in court. The case really moved me. I felt sorry for the taxi driver but no one else seemed to care. Someone was dead and all those in attendance wanted is justice. I could feel their anger in from where I was seated.
The lawyer of the guy who was shot and succumbed to gunshots was given an opportunity to ask questions. I could not believe what I had. The questions were too harsh according to me bearing in mind that the guy was just a taxi driver. The questioned seemed to suggest that the taxi driver was only lying to save himself. It is like the other party believe that he was one of the gang members and he was unlucky. He could have escaped if he had an opportunity to do so. I had never attended a court proceeding before and I felt that this was too much for me to stomach. In my opinion, I felt that the taxi driver was being crucified for a thing he did not commit. I felt that the judge should intervene and at least help th

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