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Royale Pizza Project Implementation, Evaluation and Monitoring Plan (Term Paper Sample)


Assessment 4: Complete project documentation
Building on previous assessments, you are the project manager for the Case
Study project, and required to complete the remaining documentation for the
Read your project Case Study carefully, and then prepare the following
documents. As you work through these tasks, identify any areas where you do
not yet have sufficient information, and may need to ask further questions
from your project sponsor.
Implementation plan - Identify the conditions surrounding the Case Study
project, required for successful implementation. This may include, but is not
limited to, management structure, style and culture, levels and boundaries for
authority and autonomy, personal skills, attributes and characteristics of those
in the project team. (Approximately 700 words)


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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc10185104 \h 3IMPLEMENTATION PLAN PAGEREF _Toc10185105 \h 3Management Structure PAGEREF _Toc10185106 \h 3Style and Culture PAGEREF _Toc10185109 \h 5Levels and Boundaries of Authority PAGEREF _Toc10185110 \h 5Personal Skills PAGEREF _Toc10185111 \h 5Characteristics of Persons in the Project PAGEREF _Toc10185112 \h 6MONITORING AND CONTROL PAGEREF _Toc10185113 \h 6Time PAGEREF _Toc10185114 \h 6Costs PAGEREF _Toc10185115 \h 8Resources PAGEREF _Toc10185116 \h 8Quality PAGEREF _Toc10185117 \h 9Stakeholders PAGEREF _Toc10185118 \h 9PROJECT PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PAGEREF _Toc10185119 \h 10Evaluation Method and Tools PAGEREF _Toc10185120 \h 10Actions of Ensuring Quality PAGEREF _Toc10185121 \h 11PROJECT CLOSURE PAGEREF _Toc10185122 \h 11Steps Required to Close the Cases Study PAGEREF _Toc10185123 \h 11Areas that do not have sufficient information PAGEREF _Toc10185124 \h 12CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc10185125 \h 12REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc10185126 \h 13
Royale Pizza was established in the year 2007. It has grown in scale and currently has been able to make supplies of over 40 different types of classic pizzas. It has been able to offer high customer satisfaction by making deliveries of fresh pizzas. Firm presentation has thus become an important aspect hence a need to make re-modifications (Bauer, 2012). To increase its customer base, the firm has made use of both online and offline channels. This has given the firm the opportunity to reach out to a wide range of customers both local and tourists.
Management Structure
This could be seen as the hierarchy of command. Some firms may have long hierarchies and other may have flatter ones. Generally, the structure has lean management, managers and the strategic managers (Huemann, 2016). Royale Pizza does not have a long hierarchy as shown in figure 1 below.
73342530480Entrepreneur (C.E.O)Subordinate staff: cleaners, cooks, sales persons, drivers and pizza delivery agents. Managers: technical manager, project manager, marketing manager, finance managers00Entrepreneur (C.E.O)Subordinate staff: cleaners, cooks, sales persons, drivers and pizza delivery agents. Managers: technical manager, project manager, marketing manager, finance managers
Figure 1: Royale Pizza management structure
The organisational structure adopted by the firm is functional in nature where the major departments are sales, accounts, project, marketing and production (Larson & Gray, 2017). The major areas that needed renovation are shown in the table below.
Table 1: work breakdown structure




1 month


Procurement and delivery
* 2 boilers
* 3 deep fryers
* 1 dough roller
* 2 sets of chairs and tables

1 months


* Floor

0.5 month


Installation and painting:
* dust free painting
* air conditioning system
* increasing the compressor capacity
* cleaning of kitchen exhaust system
* electric connections
* point of sale hardware installation

1.5 months


Table 2: Gant chart






Procurement and delivery

Floor construction

Installation and painting

Style and Culture
Culture is the shared norms and values that are assumed by people. They influence the manner in which people work. This also influences the style of communication within the organisation which may be verbal or non-verbal (Levitan, 2009). In addition, language, customer’s attitude and service are all influence the organisational culture. Newton (2015) hypothesised a case of high customer satisfaction as a result of strong organisational culture. Royale Pizza has a diverse customer base, it serves people from different cultural backgrounds and hence needs to maintain a strong culture. This will help improve customer satisfaction. This has made the firm adopt a late night operation strategy to be able to gather more customers. However this might increase the risk of theft.
Levels and Boundaries of Authority
The levels explain the authority one would have in an organisation. It has been reported that authority increases as you go up the organisational structure (Poh, 2001). For instance, the directors will have more authority and power in guiding the project compared to the subordinate staff. In addition, the managers are left to coordinate and control the workers. The manager controls the technicians at the project site and ensures that time is managed properly. Therefore, the project manager has more power and authority while the subordinated have less power and authority on how a project is implemented. For instance, the technical manager in the project has the authority to ensure all operations involving the redesigning, procurement, supplies and recruitment are done effectively.
Personal Skills
This could be seen as what an individual possess which is useful to the achievement of the objective. This will include knowledge and technical knowhow that will lead to effective project implementation (Rose, 2002). This includes essential like planning a project, problem solving skills, ability to change with situations and leadership skills. The technical manager has knowledge on procurement, supplies and leads the others in the project team.
Characteristics of Persons in the Project
Personal characteristics define how individuals are able to work with others and to accomplish their assigned duties. Psychologists argue that a person with good attributes is open minded and thus is able to accommodate changes that are needed for effective project implementation (Sabanov, 2011). In addition, they are conscious of the environment in which they are working and are able to agree with others on how to move forward with different aspects of the project. To ensure effectiveness, the technical manager suggests that construction and installation cannot be done together, instead installation has to come first. Through applying of his technical knowhow, he understands the impact of construction before installation which could be dangerous and cost intensive. He advices on water facets removal due to safety and warns on electric wires below the stair. This illustrated that the technical manager is conversant with the project site and can be able to control activities.
Time in project implementation has a key role of bringing together all involved stakeholders. Including time spent in different tasks, the progress that can be documented and analysis of activities that take more time than others. Project activities need to be monitored and time needs to be planned to save on costs. It has been reported that proper time management leads to increased productivity and effectiveness (Bauer, 2012). Royale Pizza stipulated project time line runs from 1st March to 30th June. This has to be adhered to as no sales are expected to be made while the project is underway and extension would lead to a penalty of AU$300. Safety inspection will be done after very forty night and will take about 4 hours. The major project activities include designing which could take 1 month, procurement and delivery 2 months, construction 1 month and installation and painting 2 months.
center330200C- ReconstructionB- InstallationStartA- DesigningD- PaintingE- EndC- ReconstructionB- InstallationStartA- DesigningD- PaintingE- EndRROJECT NETWORK DIAGRAM
Figure 1: (Authors compilation, 2019)
The best critical path based on time and cost will be from A-B-C-D-E
For a project to be effectively implemented, it is necessary to have an estimated budget of the required amount. This estimates are monitored closely with the actual amount to help in controlling. It is useful in helping the project manager stick to the plan and to effect necessary measures that lead to cost reduction. Hence important aspects of cost including cost estimation, budget preparation and cost control need to be adhered to (Huemann, 2016). The project of re-modifying Royale Pizza is expected to spend about AU$40,000. This will be broken into; designing AU$5,000, procurement and delivery AU$18,000, construction AU$7,000 and installation and painting AU$10,000.
This are the required material for project implementation. This include resources like equipment, people, funding and facilities (Larson & Gray, 2017). Resources that were required for the project to be effectively implemented included; 3 deep fryers, 2 boilers, 1 dough roller, point of sale system with installation of suitable software and hardware to run it. Also need 2 new...

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