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Topography of Potholes State Park in Washington State. (Term Paper Sample)


this sample was just to discuss the topography of a given map.

  Topography of Potholes State Park in Washington State Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation
    Maps and bedrock Geology of [Potholes State Park, Washington State]   Potholes state park Map 1. USGS. “Potholes State Park, Washington” 1:24,000. Topography of the Study Area
  1. The highest point in the area is at the sand dunes, which is depicted by the 1230 contour line(Kitiro, 1932).
  2. The lowest point in the area is at the reservoir with a contour of 1039.
  3. The total relief of the area encompasses: hilly terrains and depressions and sand dunes. The area has a rugged terrain.
  4. The steepest slop of the area is on the southward slops of the French Hills, where the contours are close(Strahler, 1952).
  5. The main land forms in the area are: sand dunes, hills, basins and buttes which result from catastrophic floods (USGS. “Potholes state park, Washington” 1:24,000).
Rocks Types and Ages   4  Map 1. USGS. “Potholes state park, Washington” 1:24,000.  
Rock Unit (Name and brief description) Ages: oldest to youngest (ma=million years ago)
George Gravels. This are composed of highly weathered basalt, palagonite, gneiss schist, quartzite and granite cobbles. 780,000
Kolks. They are formed aqueous vortices in turbulent waters. 780,000
Bars. This are streamlined deposition of glacio-fluvial depositions in the line of flow. 780,000
Sequence of Events George Gravels. Their magnetic polarity is reversed which indicates that they are about 780,000 ma(“potholes coulee007.pdf,” n.d.). They were formed by flood waters   Kolks. This types of rocks were formed by turbulent flood waters; since they can even be observed at the end of the cataracts heads.   Bars. They are usually classified in terms of deposition method and morphology. They are usually categorized as: crescent-point bar, pendant bar and expansion-longitudinal bar(Holman & Bowen, 1982).     Geological Structure a) In my project area we have visible faults at the base of the French Hills.   b) Faults are usually associated with b...
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