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The Long Term Effects of Negative Images of Women in Music Videos (Term Paper Sample)


Discuss The Long Term Effects of Negative Images of Women in Music Videos,the sample examines the effects of negative images of women as presented in diverse music videos.


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The Long Term Effects of Negative Images of Women in Music Videos
Thesis: “Although, people notice the distasteful images of women in many music videos, many people fail to recognize the long term effects that these negative images have on women."
Diverse social organizations have over the years fought for the protection of women in media. This has been correlated to the massive sexualization of women specifically in entertainment industry. It ought to be noted that negative images of women in music has been established to be a source of increasing challenges which are destructive to the society. The usages of such images have depicted women as products. This is evident in almost all music videos and is equally evident in the way women are sexualized in music videos as well as movies. Diverse studies have shown that music videos are quite popular and their impact is singularly all the time high. From marketing perspective, image is everything, when the negative images are employed, the outcome is consumed in the society and this has been found to fuel indiscipline, increased violence, rape case as well as disrespect for women. The effect of such portrayal has immense effect on the society since this has evolved to alter the way the society is viewing the woman (Wendy, 1999). As observed in the music videos, we note that women are highly presented in sexual manner, that is dressed in either provocative or revealing dresses, with bodily postures including facial expressions that tend to imply sexual readiness. On the other hand women are equally objectified where they are portrayed as decorative components, or as parts rather than being an entire individual.
The negative images of women as used have destructive aspects and very few people tend to realize this. Physical beauty, for instance, is more than often heavily emphasized and this has evolved to be problematic in as far as young women are concerned, as concerns the wider society, this inappropriate since these images are used as medium by which femininity as a positive model is presented to the upcoming women’s to emulate (MacKinnon, 1992). Diverse studies have shown that the entire scope of using negative image depicting women in diverse social mediums is more etched on the sexualization of females. The prevalence of such images have continued to influence the way women are being perceived both at home and as well in the wider society. Extensive study of this phenomenon have illustrated that they have devastating effects on the moral fabric of the society. For instances such images as Bratz dolls clothed with sexualized miniskirts, feather boas as well as fishnets, others with thongs and tops with sexually oriented writings. From such perspective, it can be argued that the usage of such images in the music industry has continued to erode the women interpersonal ties with others. But the major question is why do music producers use such images of women in their videos, the answer could be outright simple, however, the bottom line is often associated with marketing objectives (Impett,et al,2006). The more the woman is unclothed the more many people would have interest, in essence, woman has been commoditified. The element of such standing will continue destroying the society if not checked by both parents, church, government as well as other interested players in the society. Equally, these images have been established to convey negative images to the unsuspecting girls in the society.
Majority of the people who habitually watch these music videos are teenage...
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