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Political Science: Algerian Nationalist Movement (Term Paper Sample)


political science


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It is a story which gives out the clear picture of what colonisation was. It gives out the clear picture of violence during the colonial period and the political systems which resulted after decolonization. Frantz Fanon developed this story after actively participating in the Algerian Nationalist Movement while fighting the French colonisation in Africa(Agathangelou). Then he predicts the failures and success of movements which tried to fight for independence. Besides, in his theory, he claimed women were excluded in most of this movements despite their crucial role during the decolonization process. He exposed the tricks which the French had adapted to trick Africans and exposed them. However, the French government tries to stop him by banning some of his books. Additionally, Fanon described the only way the French used to rule people was through violence, they justified their actions by claiming that the only way to rule people was by exercising your authority over them.

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