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Global Institutions for Migration-Led Development (Term Paper Sample)


This is political economy assignment , 1000 words
Topic:Are global institutions, such as the World Bank, justified in their enthusiasm for migration-led development? Your answer should include a critical evaluation of the ‘triple win’ thesis.
Essays must be prepared using standard academic style and referencing techniques, including a short reference list at the end of each essay. The reference list is not included in the word count. •The best exam responses will draw on broad arguments in the political economy of development to answer specific questions. Make sure you answer the set question and provide adequate evidence.
Harvard format, also need in-text citations.Referencing Style Guide In-text citation: Journal article (Diehm & Armatas, 2004) Book one author (Handy, 1993) Book, multiple authors (Howitt et al., 1992) Chapter in edited book (Iso-Ahola & Mannell, 1985) Web site (Motorcycling South Australia, 2003) Reference: Diehm, R., & Armatas, C. (2004). Surfing: an avenue for socially acceptable risk-taking, satisfying needs for sensation seeking and experience seeking. Personality and Individual Differences, 36(3), 663-677. Handy, C. (1993). Understanding organizations. New York: Oxford University Press. Howitt, D., Billig, M., Cramer, D., Edwards, D., Kniveton, B., Potter, J., et al. (1992). Social psychology: conflicts and continuities. Milton Keynes, PHIL: Open University Press. Iso-Ahola, S. E., & Mannell, R. C. (1985). Social and psychological constraints on leisure. in M. G. Wade (Ed.), Constraints on leisure. Springfield, Ill: Charles C. Thomas. Motorcycling South Australia. (2003, 10/12/02).


Migrants are people who are not born in a given state or country but have moved there for a better livelihood. Thus they may have moved in search of work for better remuneration. Although there has been a lot of confusion with refugees, migrants are different since they get paid for work done (Raghuram, 2009). Thus, migration has been embraced by a lot of international organisations including IMF (international monetary fund), World Bank, OECD, IOM and UN (United Nations). Thus labour movement has mainly been with the aim of reducing labour shortages (Sinatti and Horst, 2015). In addition, they have added the move to ensure skills especially human skills are globalised. However, this has not been exhaustively discussed which will lay a base to the current analysis.
There has been a main issue of wages and labour mobility. Countries of destination have been seen to develop complex policies for the migrants and this has resulted to slavery like and sale of human capital. In other cases, labour has been flooded, which has resulted to reduced wages. This has been some of the issues that have increased interest among international organisation to help protect human capital slavery (Corella, 2006). They have come out to ensuring that the labour market remains to be competitive. This has been mainly for the high skilled labour, and at times for the low skilled labour. The agencies have called on the governments to improve human mobility, and people should be allowed to work from wherever they wish at competitive market prices.
For the low skilled labour, a call for restrictive measures have been up since this type of labour is abundant which would hurt migration development. On the other hand, the high skilled labour is limited, and thus should be attracted in different regions, with migration [policies being relaxed to ensure the skills can be passed freely. However, racism has been a major hindrance towards migrations. The migrants especially those that are black have been discriminated in white countries. Thus, the international bodies have gained interest in the attempt of ensuring that all persons have equal rights. Inequalities and racial discrimination has been one of the issues that have made them come out to ensure it is fought with (Rosewarne, 2012). In addition, there has been a lot of gender disparity which especially World Bank has come out to fight against. They have enrolled programs towards women empowerment and gender equality by giving equal right to both sexes. Job discrimination with regards to genders, has been one of the ultimate goal for this organisations.
Hostility, as well as political pressure has been placed on the migrants. In some countries, there have been a lot of work restrictions for the migrants which has limited its development. UN as well as IMF have enrolled a lot of programs, as well as governmental negotiations for allowing migrants work permits, as well as fair regulations. This will allow for easy flow of information and skills (Raghuram, 2009). Which has a positive impact in economic development. Migrant’s welfare in some countries have not been well regulated. In some places they have not been given leave days, or even rest days. This has raised interest among the international bodies, who have come as a rescue to the migrants. This is because they have called for social justice and welfare development among all workers irrespective of place of origin.
Thus bringing this issues together, it could be argued that the international bodies are justified for having interest in migration development. Migration should not be confused with slavery. People should have a right of movement and work form any point of the globe. This is in the advent of industrialisation, and a welcome to globalisation. As such, discrimination, slavery, inequalities, and harassment should not be witnessed, which has been the core role of these bodies. Due to hostility in this countries, the international bodies have come in to ensure that the environment for the migrants is safe and noble (Basok and Piper, 2012). Thus has a positive impact on migration development.
It has been reported that women account for about 48% of the migrants, and most of them are aged 39yeras. There has also been a 14% of migrants aged below 14 years. This is an indication that a lot of interventions needed to be put in place to ensure equity (Benería, 2012). As shown, women and children are vulnerable groups within the society and thus if care is not takes, they can be harassed, and mistreated. They can also suffer a lot of injustices. Thus, the international bodies have ensured programs that seek to protect this vulnerable groups. They have been seen as the minor and vulnerable group, whom through empowerment contribute a lot to development. In addition, having recognised that about 3.4% of the world population are migrants (Sinatti and Horst, 2015). This population needs be taken care of.
The triple twin thesis a

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