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Smith College Commencement Orchestra Concert 2013 (Term Paper Sample)


a concert review

Smith College Commencement Orchestra Concert 2013
The artists of the orchestra include: Staatliche Sinfonie Orchester Istanbul and Howard Griffiths. On May 18, 2013, seniors in Smith College perform solos with the commencement orchestra with Jonathan Hirsch as the conductor. The concert was performed at the Sage Hall and it seemed to be a breath taking event as the audience was thrilled by the coordination among the players conducted by Jonathan the conductor. The piece was delivered superbly with execution of the various sounds in a very organized manner that would be evaluated as being explicit in performance. The orchestra explores works of Orff’s Carmina Burrana and Beethoven’s ninth symphony. This orchestra concert was fuelled by various factors as it seemed full of energy compared to any other performances in the history of the college.
It was a transformed entity as it was passionate and the drive of the performers was at its peak as the energy and the passion that was flowing in the whole piece was magnificent. The person behind the entire exquisite constellation was Jonathan Hirsh who is an amazing conductor to watch as it is quite evident he acted the role of a puppeteer who was on the verge of extracting every inch of emotions from the players who played well as the symphony was a perfect intriguing entity. It is as if the conductor is pulling strings on the players extracting nuance of emotions from his players and this signifies a well coordinated piece in general. The rehearsals to get this kind of revelation must have been tedious as this work can be said is the work of perfectionists. Smith orchestra is usually open by audition to students who have had previous instrumental training. The rehearsals are scheduled to be once a week however additional sectional practices are usually scheduled in the preparation of any sorts of performances.
In examining the conductor; Jonathan it is evident that he coincides with a renowned conductor Leonard Bernst...
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