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Importance of learning english in the university (Term Paper Sample)

the importance of learning english in the university (the QUESTION was direct and the student never gave other instructions on the same and also no citation was required hence no in-text citation was provided) source..
Students Name Institution Affiliate Course Code Date Importance of Learning English in the University The importance of English cannot be ignored or even denied in the world, this because English is the most common language you will find people speaking everywhere. With the assistance of the uprising technology, English as a language has also played a major role in the following fields of study; education, engineering, and medicine. Following the globalization era, English as a language has become an international language globally. On the other hand, the globalization process also requires a single language for use worldwide. It is for different reasons that English as a language has been able to achieve the prestige of a global language. In the contemporary world, over 300 million people are said to be speaking in English as their first language while others are said to be using it as their second language. In regards to globalization, this has since become the semi-official or official language for over sixty countries. Also at the university English should always be medium of instruction used at the university. Through learning English we are able to get easy access to knowledge, this because of more than 60% of the content found on the internet used English. By using English this has seen to the elimination of language as a communication barrier in places of work, especially in organization environments where people from diverse backgrounds come together for business purposes (English has become the dominant language in the business world). Learning English at the university becomes important when one completes their studies and get exposed to the job search market, their employees always prefer employing those that have better skills in English is they are expected to deal internationally. A piece of good knowledge in English also provides a good career platform, one with proper communication skills in English will be preferred by their employees as opposed to those that don’t have a strong command to the language. Also whenever one shares their thoughts effectively and that portraying a good knowledge will make the employee attracted to his or her employer as they are able to express themselves fluently. Also whenever one has a good command of English they will tend to gain mo...
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