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The American Form of Government (Term Paper Sample)


the assignment was to write a term paper about the American form of government and the reasons why the founders chose it. the analysis was to use the recent real-life policies as examples to explain the benefits and drawbacks.
From my findings, the form of government in the American system is a skillful blend. the finding was mainly based on the recent event, the 2020 presidential elections where the terms were commonly used.
the work is subdivided into several topics whereby each topic explains a different scenario. example, the benefits of the American form of government, the reason for choosing the American form of government, and others.


Political Science
For many years, the structure of the American government has been regarded as a delicate fusion of republicanism and democracy. This became particularly apparent during the highly significant 2020 Presidential Election when these terms were frequently invoked to define and analyze the American system. However, it is crucial to recognize that neither term in isolation fully encapsulates the complexity of this unique governmental arrangement. In this paper, we will embark on a comprehensive study of the American form of government, digging into the motivations that drove its establishment by the Founders. Moreover, we will observe real-world policy instances spanning from the 1950s to the present day, enabling us to acquire or gain a deep understanding of this intricate system of governance by scrutinizing both its merits and demerits.
The American Form of Government:
The American form of government is a skilful blend of the values found within a republic and a democracy, exemplifying the visionary aspirations of the Founders as they endeavoured to unite the inherent merits of both models. At its essence, a republic embodies a representative system where elected officials bear

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