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Economical Developments: Tourism in Azerbaijan (Thesis Proposal Sample)


the task is a thesis proposal. the sample is about tourism in azerbaijan as a factor of socio- economical DEVELOPMENTS and regions to be covered


Tourism in Azerbaijan
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1.0 Introduction
When we look at dynamic trends of tourism in the globe, it tends to be improving and growing consistently. The tourism industry in Azerbaijan has a positive image because of the variety of activities it can offer, for instance, there are much opportunities for development from mountainous tourism, ecotourism, sports tourism, medical tourism, religious tourism, winter tourism, and sun, sea and sand tourism (Heikkilд, Poladova, & Kддriд, 2014). With consideration of these form of factors, the Azerbaijan’s have great economic, political and social effect from the activity.
After the Second World War, the new development of tourism in Azerbaijan had impact on the improvement of infrastructure, reduction of the unemployment levels, making development on communication technology, the nation’s welfare value and the interacting among cultural values. The dynamics in tourism will help us in understanding the economic, social and political development on the effects of growth that tourism has in Azerbaijan.
2.0 Aim
The aims of this thesis are evaluation of effects of tourism in Azerbaijan on growth considering economic, social and political perceptions and to analyze how Azerbaijan is among the few countries that have nine out of the eleven climatic zones at the same period of time, this factors alone contributes to extreme opportunities of developing tourism in Azerbaijan and harvest profits from it. Moreover, it shows how the tourism industry made a positive growth impact by appreciating to 22 percent in 2012 by comparing the rate with other previous years.
3.0 Objective
The whole thesis will cover on three areas that are closely related to tourism and its effects in Azerbaijan and they are;
To determine whether tourism is the major factor for Socio-economic growth of in Azerbaijan
Evaluate how the regions in Azerbaijan participate in tourism
And the benefits that accrue on regions within Azerbaijan when tourism is the major factor for growth
4.0 Methodology
Methodology part of this thesis will be collected by use of qualitative research method for the identification of perceptions and attitudes of Azerbaijan citizens from many regions within towards the effects of growth based on tourism. Statistics from the Azerbaijan Government and local tourism will also be of importance.
Method used will be inductive approach for the thesis and unstructured interview techniques will be used for collection of data. Twenty Participants will be chosen from different regions of Azerbaijan, they will be 11 men and 9 women from different occupations participated in the study. Age of those responding begun from 20 to 65 years and most of the participants will be undergraduates and a few from high school and the rest will be mature adults.
The following are the research questions c...
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