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EU Communication Law and Policy Law Thesis Proposal (Thesis Proposal Sample)


analysis of EU Communications Law and Policy


EU Communication Law and Policy
The fight against the proliferation of illegal content online is fraught with controversies which emanate from accountability issues. The definition of the concept of accountability various from one entity to another and is highly dependent on the philosophical position of the entities. The proposed research intends to explore the level of accountability in the recommendations made by the EU Commission on measures to effectively tackle illegal content online. The proposed study will make use of the case study method to approach the issue of accountability from the perspective of virtual theory, the duty-based theory, and the utilitarian. The results of the study expect to establish that the effectiveness of the technical measures adopted to reduce the proliferation of illegal content online requires to be designed using the three theoretical frameworks to enhance accountability.
EU Communications Law and Policy
The rationale for Selecting the Topic
The selection of this topic was informed by the need to explore and analyze the accountability issues that may hinder or complicate the implementation of the European Commission recommendation on measures that can be used to tackle the illegal content online effectively. The researcher notes that though it is imperative to apply effective technical measures to tackle the proliferation of illegal content online within the jurisdiction of the EU, the technical measures recommended by the Commission shift away from the proactive approach adopted by the current rules and policies for taming online malpractices. The selected topic provides the researcher with a fissure for assessing the extent to which the EU Commission recommendations trample on the existing components of accountability such as transparency, justification or answerability, compliance, and enforcement of policies.

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