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Consequences Of Rust: Define The Term Rust And How It Occurs (Thesis Proposal Sample)


Thesis on consequences of rust
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Consequences of Rust
The main topic of the thesis is rust and its consequences on environment such as its impacts on motor vehicles, iron sheets and human health. The paper is a research on certain impacts that are related on rust (Domone and Illston 2010). The first section of the paper is to define the term rust and how it occurs. The other part of the paper constitutes of consequences of rust on environment and other health consequences. The final aspect of the paper is the concluding remarks (Andrade and Olina 1993).
In chemical terms, rust is known as oxidation and occurs when oxygen comes in long-term contact with certain metals. Rust is a general term that explains a series of iron oxides such as red oxides formed by reaction of iron and oxygen in presence of air moisture (Domone and Illston 2010). The oxygen combines with metal at atomic level forming an oxide that weakens the bonds of metal itself. Rust is a constituent of hydrated iron oxides and iron (III) oxide-hydroxide (Fang, Lundgren, Chen and Zhu 2004). There are different types of rust according to the base metal such as iron oxide, aluminum oxide or copper oxide. Rusting is the common term for corrosion of iron and its alloys such as steel (Domone and Illston 2010).
The oxidation process
The catalyst for rusting process is dihydrogen oxide which penetrates on the microscopic pits and cracks in any form of exposed metal such as steel, copper, aluminum or iron (Andrade and Olina 1993). Hydrogen atoms present in water combine with other elements in an electro-chemical reaction process to form acids which eventually cause metals to be exposed. Rust causes corrosion which involves transfer of electrons between metal surfaces and aqueous electrolyte solution (Lundgren and Gylltoft 2000).
Corrosion starts from the tendency of metals to react electronically with water, oxygen and other substances present in the environment. Oxidation process of irons and other metals is quickened by presence of sodium. Oxide coating and passivation layer protects bulk iron from oxidation and this means that oxygen and water are the two basic elements needed for oxidation process to occur. This is to say that saltwater quickness the oxidation process that soft water.
Particles present in the atmo...
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