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USA Strategic Objectives and 'Gray Zone' Activities (Thesis Proposal Sample)


I require assistance with a major rewrite for a thesis proposal. Please review the attached document (1. Research Proposal Assignment Details) For an in depth understanding of what is required. Then review the attached document (Gray Zone EW Support) for a review of my initial draft and the guidance received for corrections. Within the same document, I have highlighted in green the direction I would like to take this research. A reflection of past activities of the USA, Russia, and China in 'Gray Zones'.
*1) Develop a captivating introductory paragraph.
**2) Develop a purpose Statement in accordance with the attachment (1. Research Proposal Assignment Details).
***3) Develop a design statement of how this research assignment should be conducted in accordance with the attachment (1. Research Proposal Assignment Details).


USA Strategic Objectives and 'Gray Zone' Activities
The United States is nearing a time when there is an intensified need to strategically compete with different rivals, particularly China and Russia, to continue enjoying the world dominance. Presumably, the United States officials are aware of the extent that this competition is likely to take, as it may not actively involve armed conflict and is likely to take a “Gray Zone” approach. Gray zone activities are described as the political, economic, military rivalry, and informational control which is meant to secure strategic leverage to the different players in the "Gray Zone. However, it is important to note that these efforts are below the edge of an international response, although they are forceful and deliberately strategic that would enable the different players to gain considerable traction over time. The United States has been caught unaware in the different activities in the "Gray Zone" and maybe reduced to a reactional force to some of the strategies laid by different players. 

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