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Business Management: The Organizational Problem (Thesis Proposal Sample)


The task was to write a thesis proposal on the topic about a given organization as a case study.The sample is about the skeleton of the main thesis on organizational management. The required number of sources was two for the proposal.


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The Organizational Problem
Tesco is a grocery company that was one of the leading chains a few years back (Ritson 2014, p.78). However, the company has experienced a drastic decline in the market share. There were several allegations raised by several stakeholders regarding the drastic drop, and the best solution for the company would be to carry out research to gather ideas that can salvage the business before it is dissolved
Problem Statement
Tesco Company used to dominate the market in Britain, and the current trend of a reduction in stock is questioning (Ritson 2014, p.106). Although it could be attributed to the management because of the resignation of the Chairman, Richard Broadbent, it was not conclusive (Ritson 2014, p. 201). Therefore, the best method to gather sufficient information on the cause and solution for better performance was through a comprehensive research.
Research Strategy
The research will use a quantitative study design. The approach will be essential since there will be a broad involvement of employees and consumers in a bid to win their trust. The performance of all the employees will also be evaluated to ensure quality of service delivery and accountability for every transaction (Nash 2006, p.96)

The financial problems in Tesco are not only the responsibility of the management panel, but also all the levels of employees

The service delivered by each employee is what pools up and is used by the management in coming up with strategies to work with (Nash 2006). Putting all the blame on the management is wrong because most of the times they give guidelines that are implemented by the rest of the employees. Therefore, it is a collective responsibility of employers and workers in ensuring the efficacy of the company (Nash 2006, p. 65).
Research Instrument
Since it is a quantitative research, questionnaires would be the best instrument. Open-ended questionnaires would be preferred to closed questionnaires because they provide the freedom of expression. All the study participants will not be limited to the amount of information given. To prevent bias, the eligible respondents will be chosen randomly, and the sample population should be large enough to reduce the occurrence of statistical errors.
Ethical Considerations
The study participants will be briefed on the aim of the research and consent will be sought before taking part in the study. Once they have consented, they will be free to decide on what they want to write, and no suggestions will be given. Security of the data will be assured, and there will be no threat to those participants who do not comply with the instructions. In addition, confidentiality of information will be prioritized while conducting interviews.
Sample Population
The sample population of the project will be employers, employees and some loyal customers of Tesco. The employees will form the majority of the study participants because they have first-hand information that can be paramount in coming up with solutions (Nash 2006)
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