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Is Online Privacy Possible in this Age? Creative Thesis Proposal (Thesis Proposal Sample)


An outline and thesis proposal for the death of privacy in the digital age.


Is “Online Privacy” Possible in This Day and Age?
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THESIS: Privacy has evolved and changed over the years. Online privacy on the internet has no specific definitions or limits. The issue of privacy fifty or a hundred years ago meant physical privacy; right of somebody to be secure in their houses and be guaranteed safety from harassment or unwarranted search. Those are the issues that concerned privacy in the 1790s. In the 2010s and indeed the future, online privacy is a very unclear component of privacy.
Pertinent questions
* Does privacy even exist?
* With so much technology at people’s, the government’s and technology corporations’ disposal is privacy dead?
1 The definition of privacy in the digital age is difficult. Online privacy is a misnomer in itself because people sacrifice their privacy on the internet by allowing cookies and websites to have their personal information (John 2),
* According to the Pew Research Center, 2014) Americans do not mind the government spying on politicians, cartels, mafia and foreigners, so long as it is not them.
* There is double standards and division of opinion among the public.
* Many people do not mind the government conducting surveillance programs on specific targeted groups but they have a problem when the government is spying on them.
* The fourth amendment while advocating for privacy in residences, properties and establishments, was clearly not made for the internet.

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