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The Tale of Sinuhe (Thesis Proposal Sample)


Task:Writing a thesis proposal focusing on the Tales of Sinuhe. The sample paper evaluates on the credibility of the poem\"Tales of Sinuhe \"is based on true life events or it is just a fictitious poem.

The Tale of Sinuhe
This paper is based on the study as well as analysis of Sinuhe was an Egyptian palace official. When Egypt was at war with the Libyans, he accompanied the army, which was led by Sesostris the king's son. During the course of the war, the king died in a mysterious way and Sesostris returned back to become the king. Sinuhe feared for his life and decided to seek refuge in Syria. He enters in a Duel challenge where he killed his opponent and felt at peace. As old age caught up with him, he decided to go back to Egypt and die peacefully as an Egyptian where he would be buried in his motherland.
Heated debates have been raised among many scholars on whether this poem is based on true-life events or it is just a work of fiction. Strother Purdy concluded that we cannot know whether the Tales of Sinuhe is based on true events or it is just a fictional work of art. He argues that the literature in the story is purely based on historical sources; most scholars disagree on which part of the article is based on historical events and which part is fiction. The scholars link the story with that of Abraham in the bible. However the scholars fail to do a thorough study of the Egyptian history. They should be able to define clearly whether any links existed between Egypt and Syria in those ancient times (Lichtheim, et al 23; MahÌ£fuÌ 62; Blackman 43).
This research will widely be based on research on Egyptian history. Documentaries on the Egyptian history will be analyzed and compared in coming up with a clear conclusion. The Tales of Sinuhe cannot just be ass...
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