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Correlations of Family Dysfunction in Cases of Unexpected Pregnancies (Thesis Sample)


i am working part-time as a thesis writer for my friends. This document is a copy of the proposal that I gave them.

Causes of Unexpected Pregnancies – Correlations of Family Dysfunction and Educational Attainment in the Cases of Unexpected Pregnancies on the Municipalities of Luisiana, Pagsanjan, Pila, and Victoria Eloursa, Aireen; Flores, Sharina; Sanchez, Charlyn; Sobrevinas, Cynthia Icarangal, Oscar, Jr. July 31, 2018 Background of the Study It is apparent from recent data that the number of unexpected pregnancies in the Philippines has continued to rise over the recent decades. Partly, this is due to the lack of social support systems that educate the youth about the seriousness and complexity of supporting a child, as well as the recurrent portrayal in social media outlets about how “teenage pregnancies” are already common. In a more in-depth analysis of this phenomenon, it could be seen that more severe complications such as abortion as well as other adverse effects to the well-being of the mother could happen. These are some of the main reasons for the passing of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act or 2012. Because of this act, plenty of institutional and technical mechanisms to reduce unwanted pregnancies and its complications have now been made available to the public. Due to a plethora of factors proving as an obstacle towards its progress and development, the RH Law has been moving slower than what is needed by our fellowmen. In line with this, the authors of this study would like conduct an analysis of persistent factors that causes unexpected pregnancies. By its conclusion, they believe that factors such as family dysfunction and educational attainment are some of the leading causes of unexpected pregnancies.[Philippine Statistics Authority, n.d.] [Tupaz, 2012] The Problem As stated earlier in this article, unexpected pregnancies have always been an issue in the country and those who experience it. On the one hand, the number of cases today is causing significant socio-economic impact towards the country. On the other hand, women who become unexpected mothers could experience significant distress emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Despite the passing of the RH Law a few years earlier, it is evident that there exists a need for a better understanding of the external factors that cause unexpected pregnancies.[Brown & Eisenberg, 1995; p.4] Purpose of the Study This study is aimed to determine the correlation between family dysfunction and educational attainment to the number of cases of unexpected pregnancies in the municipalities of Pila, Louisiana, and Victoria. Notably, it aims to use statistical tools to find which of these two and in what degree of variation, leads to the highest cases of unexpected pregnancies in the said region. Nonetheless, the purpose of this inquiry is to use qualitative data in order to craft better policies and improve the quality of healthcare per Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012. Participants or Respondents The participants for this study would be 120 participants, who are currently pregnant or have already given birth but are still currently unmarried. Population for this study would be women living in the municipalities of Luisiana, Pagsanjan, Pila, and Victoria. Time Frame The proposed time frame to complete th...
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