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Competitive Advantage of BreadTalk in Singapore Thesis (Thesis Sample)


Competitive Advantage of BreadTalk in Singapore
In Singapore, there is high demographic based which impacts the consumer trend being that the country does not have enough land for agricultural production. Moreover, the exhibited hectic life in the country has greatly hindered the chances of preparing freshly cooked meals. As such, the continued trend has increased the rate of overdependence on packed foods like pasta, cereals, bread and the like for breakfast other than rice porridge which is a formal traditional breakfast (Ang & Chng, 2013).


Competitive Advantage of BreadTalk in Singapore
Background of Bread Retail Industry
In Singapore, there is high demographic based which impacts the consumer trend being that the country does not have enough land for agricultural production. Moreover, the exhibited hectic life in the country has greatly hindered the chances of preparing freshly cooked meals. As such, the continued trend has increased the rate of overdependence on packed foods like pasta, cereals, bread and the like for breakfast other than rice porridge which is a formal traditional breakfast (Ang & Chng, 2013). However, based on health and safety issues, the Singaporeans tend to purchase packed dry foods which are labelled with information about the contents so that they would ensure that their lives are safe from food related dangers (Chong, 2010). Enriched bread and wholegrain products are increasing in the market; thus BreadTalk is taking advantage to major on production of brands which are accepted health wise. This takes into account the need to produce bead and bakery products that enhances low calories intake. It is important that BreadTalk uses English in illustrating the content and ingredients on wrappings which is an advantage since Singapore adopted English as a language of communication (Delios, 2012).
Motivation of Study
In Singapore it is important to state that bread is ranked among the staple diet as the country adopts western cuisine; companies that produce bread are challenged to work harder towards effectively accomplishing customer needs so that they would sell more and expand their economies of scale (Patokallio, 2008). Thus necessitating adoption of cheaper products which would be used to produce quality foodstuffs to impact positively in brand image (Books, 2011; Ang & Chng, 2013). It is motivating to study BreadTalk bakery which is a big player in the bakery industry in Singapore. According to research, BreadTalk bakery enhanced strategies that keeps drawing in new customers and keep them coming back (Chong, 2010). For example, in brand loyalty, BreadTalk ensures that the products, costs and niche strategies are closely monitored in accordance to consumer expectations. It implies that the company is focused on product innovation rather than services so that customers loyalty would be maintained, thus encouraging new customers to select the bakery as first choice for their products and services (Delios, 2012).
The objectives of the study focuses on Analysis of BreadTalk’s Competitive Advantage in Singapore. For example:-
To make the founding as one among familiar and valued bread brands internationally.
To determine how BreadTalk bakery attracts new customers
To understand how BreadTalk would handle their employees to satisfy their needs.
To explore how Breadtalk’s strategies for competition in culinary in Singapore.
The methodology chapter will entail justification of qualitative research design and corresponding applicable research methods that would be effectively integrated. Literature review and case studies will be used to affirm the objectives of the study (Chong, 2010). It is appropriate that questionnaires and interviews will be used to enhance clear understanding and realization of population sample and size. The selection process would be as well justified. In conclusion, the chapter will be summed-up by description of content analysis; this would form and adopt data analysis methods found to suite the study (Delios, 2012).
Scopes and Limitations
The study will be conducted in Singapore as parent company of the respective subsidiaries of BreadTalk bakery allocated in Singapore and other countries (Temporal, 2012). Moreover, the study will cover a number of areas like customer needs as far as culinary in bakery is concerned, the product purchasing costs, preferred quantity and quality, and corresponding customer views and comments regarding the company’s products (Patokallio, 2008).
In regard to BreadTalk bakery in Singapore, some sources of information used in developing the study may not be affirmed as correct with respect to the company in real life situation. However, to some extent, targeted sources of literature might produce untrue information to protect them from illustrating or depicting negative side of the organization, which could lead to victimization (Patokallio, 2008). Confidentiality problems, the study will overcome this limitation by clearly explaining the purpose of the study and how it benefit customers and employees of BreadTalk in Singapore. Regarding confidentiality, obtained information would be emphasized. Moreover, regarding limited resources, hence the need for secondary source of information (Books, 2011).
BreadTalk’s History
BreadTalk bakery was initiated in Singapore on 6th March, 2003 as an investment company. However, with the principle subsidiary being the BreadTalk Pte Ltd (Books, 2011). The company was registered as private limited company in Singapore under the Company’s Act on 2000 under the pioneers Dr. George Quek and his deputy Katherine Lee. It is imperative to state that the chairman initially conceptualized in the year 2000 when he realized an opportunity for initiating bakery that sells freshly baked breads and burns which were comparatively very creative and attractive (Ang & Chng, 2013).
Moreover, it would remain in history that the first BreadTalk retail outlet commenced its operations on July 1st 2000. This was based in Bugis Junction. Five months later the company managed to open another retail outlet of its kind in Novena Square; on the same month, December, BreadTalk baker opened another retail outlet at HDB heartlands at Junction 8 Shopping Centre. However, due to lucrative business, the company decided to open five more retail outlets in the year 2001 (Chong, 2010). Being involved in a first moving food products, BreadTalk commenced its operations with each retail outlet preparing their dough and finally making their bakery items. This enhanced the realization of what most of the targeted customers preferred; later the company resorted to centralized kitchen that served the purpose of corporate headquarters. Thus serving to date at KA FoodLink, Kampong Ampat, in 2001 (Temporal, 2012).
However, for BreadTalk Company to effectively accomplish customer needs, the company was forced to acquire more space, equipment and machinery in 2002, although the expansion of the central kitchen was effectively completed in November 2002 (Chong, 2010; Delios, 2012). Moreover, within the last two or so years, the company has introduce great variety of new bread, cakes, burns and pastries, and the company presently launched over 100 bakery items that impacted positive change (Chong, 2010).
The BreadTalk bakery is characterised by welcoming aroma of freshly backed products, moreover, customers and clients who walk into the company’s branches would be spoilt by the overwhelming variety of offers (Patokallio, 2008). However, BreadTalk bakery is strategically focused on accomplishing customer needs in peculiar ways that include but not limited to the products of customer choice and new products (Books, 2011; Temporal, 2012). The passion for good baking is displayed in the company through handmade products using fine ingredients, thus enhancing competitive advantage over the other companies within culinary industry. Conversely, the company is committed to showcasing about trust, passion and choice as strategies for enhancing company’s established reputation within the industry (Delios, 2012).
BreadTalk’s Commitment
BreadTalk bakery is committed to fulfilling the vast majority of staple diet within Asia. It is practical to state that BreadTalk honours the artistic in bread making through provision of life to novel creations since the company’s inception. Unlike other companies, BreadTalk has continually invested in innovations (Books, 2011; Ang & Chng, 2013). Thus enhancing the company growth to become an internationally recognized bakery since the past 12 years; moreover, the process has been encapsulated through generations. Currently the company has reached its fourth generation championed in campaign “Get Talking,” an essential initiative that is aimed at ensuring that customer perception is achieved based on feeling, taste and choice of latest bread brands (Books, 2011).
The Retail Concept of BreadTalk
In retail market, Singapore as a country does not produce much food hence it is ranked among the largest importers of agricultural products and processed foods in Asia (Delios, 2012). Moreover, it is imperative to state that Singapore has the highest food consumption levels in Southern Asia. It implies that the country’s retail sector has to struggle to contain the high demand of processed foods (Patokallio, 2008). The food retail takes 40% of the country’s retail spending, but due to higher incomes and rising level of visitors there is high chances that the level continually increases (Books, 2011). According to health records, Singaporeans perceive that high carbohydrate levels are healthy hence Singapore is characterised by high intake of carbohydrate foods, which are staple items within the Singaporean cuisine; thus affirming why bread and cereals are in high demand all through seasons (Books, 2011). Moreover, adoption of BreadTalk products in retail sector greatly altered the way consumers enjoy bread, a fact that has spearheaded bread culture since the year 2000. However, of late, BreadTalk has integrated concepts that connects its customers with lifestyle options at respective retain outlets (Ang & Chng, 2013). Moreover, over fifty (50) new recip...
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