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Internet Gambling (Thesis Sample)


Internet Gambling


Internet Gambling
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18, 11, 2014

Thesis statement
Internet Gambling

Thesis statement
There exist differing views on internet gambling from various quotas, there are those that stand to make money. Others need to satisfy an addiction, while others disguise themselves from the unphysical presence to make random wages. Gambling is the horror story everyone is accustomed to, in the daily activities. From the winnings and to the losses, the tales never cease to be told. The paper examines what internet gambling is, gambling among young people, the impact of internet gambling, and gambling in America.
Introduction Internet gambling is a fast evolving form of gambling. Researchers, policy makers and drivers, industry leaders and community group have identified gambling to have a significant impact on society (Gainsbury, 2012). Internet gambling has often been used interchangeably with online gambling. The term refers to all modes of gambling, including wagering through the internet, gambling via the computers, smartphones or other wireless devices such as tablets connected to the internet. According to the EU commission, 2011a, the internet and other interactive technological devices offer a platform for gambling to consumers. They also allow them to wager or bet against each other, for instance, online poker (Gainsbury, 2012). Internet Gambling The 1980s saw an accelerated growth of high-speed computers that activated the development of internet Service Providers (ISPs). However, it was not until the 1990s, when gambling sites began to appear. The earliest confirmed site was in 1993, Loterie Romande, a Swiss Lottery. It sold lottery tickets to individuals with a special terminal and software (Gainsbury, 202). The Antiguan government passed legislation in 1994 that permitted the establishment of online Casinos. In 1996, Intercasino became the first online casino in Antigua to accept real money bets. Today the Intercasino is registered in Malta. From a low number of 30 online gambling sites in 1994, they bloated to over 250 in 1999. In the 90s, internet gambling focused on the North America market, though a few privately licenced operators set up in the Caribbean. However, it was the European and offshore licences that saw the expansion of internet gambling globally. As of 2010, internet gambling market outlook was as follows; 770 casino sites, 550 poker sites, 433 sports and racebooks, 401 bingo sites, 106 lottery sites and a few skill games and betting exchanges (Gainsbury, 2012). The huge number of online sites available and their ease of access due to fast internet connections have prompted increased participation from sections of the population especially the youth. Mark Griffith’s, a UK leading authority on online gambling states that, ‘everyone has a casino in their homes’ (Orford, 2010). In the UK, a review published in 2007 claimed that just over 100 casinos operated in the UK. The number was less by those operated in Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, Curacao and Gibraltar. In 2006, The Department for Culture, Media and Sport in the UK estimated that there are almost a million regular internet gamblers. Additionally, the study showed that of the sites, only a meagre made an effort to verify a player’s age.
In the US, a report by the National Gambling Impact study commission of 1998 reported that there were almost 15 million individuals betting online in the US (Thompson, 2001). There are over 800 estimated host computer sites that provide gambling services directly or issue informational services for gamblers. Almost sixty internet sites located outside the US accept bets on various events. In order to place a bet, the player with internet access must first create a financial account with a gambling internet enterprise. Funds are transferred using a credit card, debit card or wire transfer. Bets can then be placed, and accounts adjusted according to winnings and losses (Thompson, 2001). In 2003, the internet gambling industry was valued at $4.2 billion, with a growth rate of 20% per annum.
Currently, according to the House report 108-133 2003, online gambling in the US is illegal in all fifty states including Nevada. Thus, most online gambling sites operate outside the US where the jurisdiction of US fed law does not apply (Schwabach, 2006). The challenge with internet gambling includes; integrity, players wagering on a sports event have an assurance that one has won or lost a bet. However, those betting on lotteries and casino type games have no firm guarantee that the results are totally honest (Tho...
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