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Project Orkun Literature & Language Thesis Writing (Thesis Sample)


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Table of Contents:
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc16870990 \h 31.1 The Goal of the Thesis PAGEREF _Toc16870991 \h 41.2. Research Hypothesis PAGEREF _Toc16870992 \h 51.3 Scope of the Thesis PAGEREF _Toc16870993 \h 62.Analysis of the problem domain PAGEREF _Toc16870994 \h 82.1 Explanation of the main concepts PAGEREF _Toc16870995 \h 82.2 The PRINCE2 “traditional” project management methodology analysis PAGEREF _Toc16870996 \h 102.3 The PRINCE2 “agile” project management methodology analysis PAGEREF _Toc16870997 \h 142.4 The selected mathematical algorithms for comparative analysis PAGEREF _Toc16870998 \h 183.Comparative analysis of the PRINCE2 “traditional” and PRINCE2 “agile” project management methodologies. PAGEREF _Toc16870999 \h 203.1 The assumptions for the comparative analysis PAGEREF _Toc16871000 \h 203.2 Comparative analysis of the PRINCE2 “traditional” and PRINCE2 “agile” project management methodologies. PAGEREF _Toc16871001 \h 233.2.1 Analysis Framework PAGEREF _Toc16871002 \h 243.2.2 PRINCE2 approach PAGEREF _Toc16871003 \h 263.2.3 PRINCE2 “Agile” approach PAGEREF _Toc16871004 \h 283.2.4 PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 "agile" strategy PAGEREF _Toc16871005 \h 313.2.5 Combination of PRINCE2 and “agile” PAGEREF _Toc16871006 \h 363.3 Comparative Analysis PAGEREF _Toc16871007 \h 384.Summary and Conclusions PAGEREF _Toc16871008 \h 415.Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc16871009 \h 44
1 Introduction
PRINCE 2 and PRINCE2 "AGILE" methodologies have become one of the critical approaches in project management. For instance, in most European countries, they are highly recognized as essential features of job specifications. However, the “agile” is a recent concept that has become popular due to its adaptability and flexibility in the use of methods such as SCRUM which are efficiently implemented in business environments. Remarkably, PRINCE2 methodology has been identified to create emphasis on the significance of the process in a firm. It involves initiating projects and ensuring there is effective management while following the given guidelines. It can be described as a linear approach as it consists of using the steps in a project. Besides, the PRINCE2 shows a clear focus on the objectives of the project through the effective description of the roles and responsibilities of the team members (Banica, Radulescu & Hagiu, 2016). There is a clear definition of the processes with a critical structure that reflects upon the quality of the products produced by the organization. The extensive planning involved in PRINCE2 is essential to ensuring the projects are timely and cost-effective.

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