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Blockchain Technology Can Aid the Environmental Performances (Thesis Sample)


this was a thesis about blockchain technology and supply chain sustainability. the task was about researching on whether block chain technology can useful in supply chain sustainability. the method of data collection was systematic literature review. the client did not specify the number of sources that should have been used.


Blockchain Technology Can Aid the Environmental Performances
This study aimed to investigate whether blockchain technology can help in the sustainability of supply chain management. The main goal was to determine whether blockchain technology can aid and address the environmental, social, and economic performances to meet the long-term financial goals of the supply chain firms. A systematic review of publications in presumed journals, an integrated and systematic study of scholarly and realistic literature was used to research. In addition to that, public and mechanical databases, for example, European Commission foresight surveys, and OECD analyses, were analysed. My analysis covers the years 2008 to 2020. Nine incorporated data sets that shield diverse controls were utilized to gather the articles: Emerald, Jstor, Web of Science, IEEE Explore, Science Direct, Springer, Scopus, Taylor and Francis, and ABI Inform Global. Between the years 2008 to 2021, I used journals between these periods and conducted a simple literature review. I found that trust is the most influential factor driving sales (26 out of 29 articles, 90 percent). Blockchain technology offers trust, and thus, sustainability in the management of supply can be enhanced. I concluded that blockchain technology tests' disclosure could help experts determine the problem-solving effect and potential of blockchain technology supply chains. These tests identify areas where blockchain technology can disrupt existing transaction systems and highlight specific challenges and barriers in the technology organization. Though mindfulness is an essential part of the blockchain data filtering cycle, future testing should keep a close eye on blockchain development and further test validity to the different open lines of research I have completed.
Key words: Blockchain, Sustainability, Supply chain, Trust, Immutability, Systematic review
Can Blockchain Help with Sustainable Supply Management?
1 Introduction
This study aims at investigating whether blockchain technology can help in the sustainability of supply chain management. The study begins with an introduction whereby sustainability and blockchain technology is defined, literature review, methodology, results and discussion, and conclusion. This research is review research involving systematic literature review of the studies carried out about this topic. The study discusses how the blockchain can bring sustainability in the management of supply chain, the key features in the blockchain which improve sustainability and various field where it can be applied to enhance sustainability. It further discusses challenges involved in blockchain technology, and recommendations and conclusions are provided.

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