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Case Conceptualization (Thesis Sample)


I was supposed to give a thesis about psychotherapy in general and give out the references.


For therapists to work them need to assume some things concerning the problems presented to them and the type of solutions available. These assumptions form the framework that binds the therapeuticprocess. Hence this allows the therapist to explore the dealings hence get involved at a level of relation instead of a symptomatic level. The do’ and the don’ts in a therapy room are dictated by the specific point of view taken by the therapist way before the start of the session.
Person centered theory.
Also known as psychotherapy, personal centered therapy was founded by Dr. Carl Rogers, an American psychologist (Kirschenbaum, 1979). In his book, On Becoming Carl Rogers, an autobiography of the founder of the theory, he supports the theory by citing exemplary research works by Carl Rogers. In a personal centered relationship the client is expected to slowly challenge the anxiety and confusion arising as aresultof self-concept and is challenged by movement into awareness of experiences which do not fit into its current configuration If that is achieved, the client can then move beyond the confusion and gradually to experience the freedom to choose a way of being which is more close to his or her deepest feelings and values. The therapist therefore focuses not on problems and solutions but on communion or a person to person relationship. (Boy and Pine, 1982). This book is a renewal on client centered counseling.This therapy has a number of theoretical assumptions with one being the person’s image. In this case the therapist assumes that both he and his client can be trusted. This trust is based on the belief that all organisms including people have a fundamental and inborn drive towards the helpful achievement of its in-built potential. Recently, the person centered therapy has been critiqued by many who find the idea of trusting people to be over enthusiastic and inexperienced. However, Rogers tried to counter this critique by referring to a formative tendency in the world and citing some of the latest advances in biological science which denies the tendency towards lack of order and lack of improvement. Also, the person centered therapist focuses on the uniqueness of every individual and believes that the personality of people is so complicated that labeling persons even diagnostically can never be totally vindicated.
Another assumption is the concept of psychological health and concern which is vital in person centered therapy and should be differentiated from self. This self-concept grows with time and highly depends on the approaches of the people who form the person’s significant others. The need to be positively regarded or approved by others is overpowering and exists right from childhood. In this case, the therapist constantly works with people who are no longer in touch with the tendency to actualize within themand who are surrounded by many others who do not believe in the human capacity to strive for achievement of their full capabilities. It is worth noting that a person who functions at optimum is naturally creative since he or she adjusts to dynamic situations and is more likely to come up with creative ideas, schemes and engagements.
The third assumption is that of psychological disturbance. The therapist notes that clients are not always aware of the disturbances of concern in them.
Boy A V, Pine G J (1982). Client-...
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