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Political Cartoons Rhetorical Analysis Guns (Thesis Sample)


analysis of guns rhetorical. how politicians use gus to the people


Political Cartoons Rhetorical Analysis Guns
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Gun violence and mass shootings are some of the factors that continue to affect American society. The artifact's objective is to highlight such complexities and the need for the society and political framework to comprehend the issue. Cartoon presents two storylines. The cartoon shows two tombstones. One of the tombstones states, "RIP GUN VIOLENCE VICTIMS," and the other, "RIP POLITICAL WILL." The gun victims have flowers, dolls, and images, while the political tombstone has money. The tombstone's design is also different in that the victim's tombstone is simple, but the political tombstone is decorated. The cartoon indicates the victims' perspective and expectations together with the political class in gun-related issues. Therefore, the cartoon points to the gun problem in the community.
The rhetorical artifact is significant to analyze because it is typical or representative of many other rhetorical antiques like it. The gun debate is ongoing and different parties raises various issues. The problems are associated with the many deaths which are a result of mass shootings. Each of these parties has its respective perspectives and reasoning. The objective of the political cartoon is to continue to point to political inaction and compromise of the politicians towards not implementing any corrective or preventive measures. The 'owners' of the guns can influence the political processes, including manipulating any decision around guns. The objectives come in the way of sponsoring a Political Action Committee. Such committees such as National Rifle Association. These entities can manipulate the entire political and legal process of preventing and implementation of policies targeting gun control.
Using rhetoric features such as style and situation, the cartoon argues that the political will in the United States is suppressed due to money.
The methods used in the rhetorical analysis are situational and stylized analysis. Situational analysis is a method of analyzing both external and internal factors when carrying out research. It is an approach that uses the grounded theory methods that are used to describe and identify social perspective and actions through the representation of complex situations (Apuke 5). The representatives are considered to be the process of analyzing and providing the visual and image representation of the respective findings. The situational method is the best to use in the cartoon image analysis because it gives the exact and self-explanatory of what both the images explain.
The other method is the stylized analysis. The technique is primarily used in economics to explain the findings that were made by the situational method (Ahmad et al. 1086). The findings, in most cases, are accepted to be accurate and correct without any contradictions. The findings made on the stylized methods are often categorized in the qualitative analysis. It simply represents the findings and summarizes the data in detail (Ahmad et al. 1086). It is also the best method to prove the thesis by giving the full details and explanations.
Findings/ Analysis.
Situational analysis effectively analyzes the images because it gives the best outcome by evaluating the feasibility and merits of various alternatives. It explains multiple explanatory options that can be used to describe the images. The possible analysis and outcomes are also presented based on prioritization (Apuke 5). Assumptions are also made when using the situational method. The problems and issues associated with the representations and the images are also explained using the specific analysis method. The technique is also appropriate in selecting the most suitable and possible feasible alternatives.
The first situation is used to consider both sides and factors about gun violence victims and the politicians. It gives the social perspective about the victims and the politicians. The victims' image is about the love and care that people have on them by sharing flowers that show the love. Their pictures are also displayed in the grave, indicating that they are well recognized. The politicians' grave only has the money with no images showing that they are not loved as much as the victims, and they are also not recognized by ordinary people.
The methods also prove that the image is clear and easy to understand, and every person would understand and interpret it. The situational method is also used to give the assumptions of the image. In this case, it can be assumed that the political will is not liked and supported by the society while the society loves the victims. In short, the images assume the love for the people and the hatred for the political will. Therefore, there should be other political choices and discussions that favor the people's thoughts. And in that case, political will be accepted and loved.
The situation is used to explain the results and findings that were made on interpreting the image. The findings are that how the image is viewed and interpreted is based on the clear understanding of the tombstones, the things put on the tombstones, and the tombstones' decoration. The decoration of the tombstones shows that the political wills are more considered in giving better decoration and using more money to make the decisions. The victims, on the other hand, are put in non-decorated and straightforward tombstones. The findings of the types of decorations also indicate how the general public and the citizens considered the deaths of the two groups of people.
The summary made on the image using the stylized method is that people only loved and cared for the victims; thus, their graves were decorated using flowers while the political wills only have money on their graves. There were no images on the tombstones of the political wil

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