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Prepare Recommendation Letter For A Medical School (Admission Essay Sample)


To write a recommedation letter for a medical school.


Recommendation Letter for Medical School
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to recommend the person named above for medical school. I have worked with the person since the year 2016. I have been working directly with her in the laboratories, in conduction of research and publication of the research findings. This has placed me in an excellent position to study her work and character as well as gauging her ability and expertise on the same. I have also been monitoring her solo assignments over the entire time.
As a professor, I had assigned to her various roles and duties. However, the main ones were, assisting in the research work by ensuring the accuracy of surgical procedures, monitoring animals through collaboration with XYZ Lab, assisting in surgeries, selecting samples to be sent for imaging and analyzing the images. She played a central role in the ground-breaking research processes by analyzing the nerve conduit and in the development of the research paper. In the laboratories, she prepared regular lab updates on the surgery processes of the animals, regularly updating the profiles of the postoperative animals and preparing the data for publications. She was of great help in organizing supporting information for future publications regarding nerve conduits. In the dispensing of the duties, she demonstrated professionalism, accuracy, and ability. This is attributed to her ability to pay attention to all details. She is dependable while working alone or in a team. With excellent interpersonal skills, she can communicate precisely and put across major ideas and thoughts. She is courageous and not shy about asking any question. With this, she was able to produce high quality work, according to the required format and instructions. This made her work to be highly regarded due to undisputable quality.
Throughout her working period, there was a demonstration of great focusing ability, adequate utilization of available information and implementation of the best tools and technique in research. She has an adept ability in making sound decisions and managing a team with diverse personalities and skills. This made her fit well in the research groups. She played vital roles in ensuring that a task was completed in the shortest time possible and arrive at...
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