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Explanation for the Application of Hospitalization Leave (Admission Essay Sample)


1. These are the two letters I wrote to my wife's boss and superior. The main purpose of the first letter (boss) is explaining the reason that my wife has to apply for the hospitalization leave. The main purpose of the second letter is regarding her unreasonable behaviour in the past, because she was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, hope the superior can forgive her. 
2. Kindly help me to correct my grammar mistakes and use standard English, her boss is from U.K. 


Re: Explanation for the application of hospitalization leave
Dear principal,
Back on February 1, Dr. Lim met Yubai. After examination, the doctor said that Yubai’s emotion was already in a stable status. This is because Yubai had solved the problem that had really troubled her soul. This would further help as she would eventually forget her unhappy experiences. In addition, Yubai would be free from major impressive disorders as long as she had no strong stimulation in future. ( For more details, Dr.Lim will write and send an official report to the school and MOE).
Consequently, Yubai’s condition worsens as time passes. This is because she often falls down and she has not received an effective solution for this disorder. About a week ago, she accidentally slipped from an escalator and one of her lower teeth broke. (This is evident from an attached dentist's report. ). Her condition is worrying as she needs a solution for the serious ailment she suffers from. Her mother-in-law accompanied her to a polyclinic for treatment. Although, the doctor only doubted of something wrong in her nervous system. This was because her left side body was numb. The doctor did further recommendations for Yubai to have the referral to another bigger hospital with better equipment. This was through an appointment that the doctor made for Yubai at Tan Tock Seng hospital on March 1 at 9 am. Before this, the doctor recommends Yubai to rest in the home as she gives her Medical Care. In addition, the doctor mentioned that due to Yubai’s physical condition, she might need to stay in the hospital for a longer time. This was was the main reason why Yubai needed to have the hospitalization leave. If her physical condition would continue, the doctor’s suggestion was that Yubai to take either an unpaid leave or rather resign from MOE be-cause her health challenges that do not allow her to work in outdoors environments.
In this way, Yubai should begin her stay in the hospital around date 2 or 3 March. We kindly enquire of the procedures to follow for an application of a hospitalization leave. We also wanted to enquire on the relevant reports from the doctor that we are supposed to hand in, as we will help her prepare these materials and submit them to the school as soon as possible. We also pass our sincere apologies for any inconveniences we might have brought to the school. If Yubai would have paid attention to her health status in advance, the situation would not be as serious as serious as it is currently. We hope that the school fraternity would understand and regard our apology. In addition, as Yubai cannot return to the school soon, she wrote an apology letter to her relevant colleagues, as she might not work with them in the future.
Re: Apology Letter to my wife’s superior
Dear Mr. Neo,
My aim of writing this letter is to extend my sincere apology to you for the trouble caused by Yubai. Am aware that at the end of last year, Yubai offended you through the trouble she caused to you in several ways. This makes me to hereby apologize to you on behalf of the whole family and hopes you can forgive her.
Meanwhile, I would also wish to give you an explanation about Yubai’s behavior. In the past few years, numerous changes have taken place in Yubai’s life, which have influenced her a lot. We as family members persuaded her to have a health good mentality. Although, last year around August, her health disorder arose again through the simulations. At that time, she often went to the solicitor's office until last October when her emotion fluctuated. At this period, I was on a business trip whereby, I did not pay much attention her during this time. This was until last November when her psychologist contacted me. The psychologist informed me that my wife had a major depre...
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