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Admission Essay
Essay Admission
One of my main interest is to be able to counsel people from all ages. This is something that has always been dear to my heart, just to be able to put a smile on a person's face. I love being able to just fix things and I believe that I have the gift to be able to do just that. Over the years, many people have told me to "let your light shine" meaning don't let my gift grow dim. I can assure them that is the farthest thing on my list.
However, when it comes to faith, I have had a lot of challenges but there is only one in particular that sticks out. This is the time when we thought my cousin was killed in Afghanistan. He was only 20 years old, and the hardest thing was watching him ship off to a country that he was not familiar with at all. He dreaded going and every time he thought about leaving his family, he got sick. Joining the military was family tradition but going to was a whole new different ball game. None of the men in the family had ever gone to war. My cousin would be the first. The hard thing was trying to be happy for was hard because he was miserable and really did not want to go. Most of his friends had gone and the crazy part was that most of them were either killed or went missing. Finally, his day came when he was shipped out. For the next several weeks he wrote back and forth many times because he was beyond homesick but one day, out of nowhere, those letters stop coming. Our hearts dropped through our stomachs and fear gripped us like never before. Every horrible thought imagined crossed our minds. My counseling skills kicked in and for a moment I was able to help people but soon, I started to get discouraged myself.
I have always been a person of faith so when things came up that I had no control of, I learned to drop to my knees and pray. I knew that prayer never failed me before and now was the time to put everything to the test again. I got on my knees morning and night and called out to God. The worse fears constantly taunted my family because weeks turned into a month. By that time, everybody was shocked that we went that long without hearing from anybody. However, there was one other person I turned to beside God and that was my uncle. He too was a strong person of faith but when things got tough, he was the man to go to. When I felt like giving up, he was always there to encourage me to tell me not to throw in the towel. He played the role of my very own counselor and life couch. Two weeks later, we got a phone call letting us know that my cousin was okay. A huge relief fell over all of us. However, I learned through this experience that I was not as strong as I thought and that it was completely okay to turn for help if needed.
As mentioned earlier, counseling is one of my main special interest. I think my knowledge in this area is natural but at the same I did develop this gift by watching my aunt in her counseling sessions. She was a counselor psychologist and loved her job. She gave me books on counseling and certain videos to watch in order to sharpen my skills. One of the main skills I picked up, was active listening which is a fundamental skill. When I volunteered at the YMCA as a youth counselor, I used this skill in order to encourage kids to talk by asking open questions although at the same time keeping their responses on track. As a youth counselor, I understood really quick that I needed to listen to what is not being said, whether through oversight or articulated non-verbally. I found that being able to understand and use non-verbal communication voice tone and pitch, pose, facial expressions, gestures and cataleptic movements are important skills. Counseling these kids taught me other skills such as rephrasing what the kids say and imitating feelings back to them. These are methods used to communicate my understanding, while synopsizing enabled me to bring everything together precisely and briefly in just a few powerful words.
Other areas where I was able to use these skill was with the Boys and Girl Club. Here as a counselor I was be able to challenge, reassure and inspire the kids, especially when the they were resistant or found it difficult to face memories that were painful. By using my voice to relax the kids, as a counselor, I was able to enables them to face challenges more effectively.
When it comes to the community, I have engaged it in many ways. One of these ways by was working with the orphanage. This was a fulfilling opportunity to be able to give back to the community. During this time, I was able to be a mentor to these you children that grew up with a mother and father. Most of them had been in the orphanage since the time that they were babies. The sad part was watching people adopt the babies and young kids but nobody seemed to want the older teenagers. Seeing the look on their face made me want to just be their friend, which I became to most of them. I was also good friends with the family that ran the orphanage. I was also able to join them on a lot of the functions in

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