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Future Career Goals and Belmont College (Admission Essay Sample)


Write an application essay given student\'s details


Future Career Goals and Belmont College
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As a young person with many interests in life, Belmont College is the ideal place for me. I believe the college has the best provisions to enable me pursue a course in psychology and later engage in a master’s degree in psychology. I retain a lot of interest in a career that entails application of psychological insights. This is driven by my goal to help individuals with psychological problems in different parts of the country and the world at large. From the research I have conducted, Belmont College ranks up as one of the best colleges in South Carolina that can offer me convenience and a good value for money in pursuit of my career goals.
My current educational exploits focuses on Spanish, history and calculus. I have enrolled in classes where I study these subjects. I aim to be an all rounded individual so as to cope with the increasing demand of such traits in the career world. I believe that some of the insights I learn from these subject may come in handy in the future. Through the education offered at Belmont College, I believe that I will learn to integrate several aspects of the subjects in my major course and become a fully baked professional in the psychology field.
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