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Admission Essay to an UF MBA Program (Admission Essay Sample)


Admission essay to an UF MBA program


Admission essay to an UF MBA program
Education is the key to success in the modern world and life is a matter of options any human being must undertake to make his or her life better. I like options, I like security and power. With all this basic wants in mind, I realized at a very tender age that only education would grant me my desires.
Personal satisfaction has been my key area in decision making. While monetary rewards are of practical importance, true job satisfaction springs from the opportunity to grow and learn in a specialized community of choice. I enjoy acquiring new skills and information that will help m become a better person and adaptable to the changing world. My vison is to venture into a successful business career that will provide me with open prospects in the business field. My goal is to obtain enrol into the MBA programme and attain my dreams in venturing the business field. For an individual to accomplish his goals, I believe that the person has to make sure that he obtains the best skills that will differentiate him from the others. Quality and performance is a factor that has been substantially considered by students when opting for a school to study. This urge to have the best has pushed me to great extents where I have used different resources to help me in choosing a standard institution. Ultimately I believe the most significant factor should be what works best for the individual overall. After considering all this factors, I greatly believe that the University Of Florida Masters Of Business Administration is the best choice for me. This is due to its convenience, ranking, and contents of the program. The University has been recognized internationally for its outstanding academic standards and is AACSB accredited to certify these standards. The Institute has produced many professional in different fields of study. The university offers both part-time and full-time studies hence able to accommodate a broad range of individuals all over the country. I first attended FSU as my undergraduate and UF as my graduate. This courses that were obtained from the best schools in the state provided me a better platform in my studies endeavour. Many may wonder as to why I chose to study in two rival schools, but this was simply to obtain the best. ‘Killing two birds with one stone.’ With the UF, MBA program offers a variety of different programs and opportunities they provide to adjust your schedule to allow you to attain your masters. The particular program I’m applying for being the Working Professional works best with my current career with the way classes are set up for one weekend every month. After 17 years of schooling, I have been able to understand my major learning styles, two of them being physical and visual. I work best when I can learn how to do something hands on by watching and performing the action myself. I believe the set-up of the Working Professional program coincides with these skills. With my past experiences with online classes. The need for this skills was quite coherent since I was not able to grasp any content that was taught in the online classes as compared to the classroom sessions. The program is also convenient with students being able to transition to online if needed. While working there are many excellent opportunities offered and while in the program they can adjust if needed around that. Allowing the convenience to take on any opportunities that present itself in your career life as you pursue your masters. The UF MBA program contains a variety of other factors that influenced my decision to apply for this program one of them being its ranking. The University of Florida is MBA program is ranked amongst the top 50 in the nation, this conveying the strength and how effective the program is. In Florida, it is ranked amongst the top 5 making this a great factor of how established the school is. Another factor the MBA program has to offer me is the accreditation, class size, and quality. Social factors are well presented in this institution where the professors, a community of students, faculty and administrators have exhibited professionalism. This provides a perfect environment for learning. My primary focus would be to globalize my MBA. This is because of the skills equipped in my undergradu...
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