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Self Expression Modes (Admission Essay Sample)


the paper discussed ways of self expression


Self Expression Modes
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Self Expression Modes
Every person likes being what he or she is; to enjoy the Godly given freedom where they are not coerced into doing personal will-opposing things. They are most proud of expressing their personality the way they are; independence. It is this self-expression that distinguishes one individual from others (Sedikides, 2007). People are distressed by self-expression on feeling that some own-things are not well made known to the world. Thus, people participate in separate activities such as cooking and playing sports; mine are drawing, painting and photography.
From the tender age, I found joy in drawing; the image of my thoughts on sketchbook or canvas gives me full satisfaction, whether during moments of joy or sorrow. The appearance of my feelings on sketchbook or canvas in a drawing or a painting comforts my mind. It assures me that I have opportunities other than my voice to make my feelings known. Moreover, I feel that my emotions’ transition and feelings to be perfectly described through painting. I dedicate all my efforts in painting as it erode all the serious feelings aroused by others.
I also dedicate all my efforts to photography. My feelings are expressed through photo-taking ways; by its symbol, effect and angle. The importance of a photo is not what you see outside, but what you see inside, because a photo expresses the feelings of people (Anonymous). I feel confident and wanted when the family applauds my creative work of arts.
During drawing, painting and photography I overlook all bothering issues, though for some time. Therefore, I consider the self-expressing means to reflect people’s character and personality. They denote people’s preference. I be...
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