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Overcoming Obstacles / Contributing to Scholarship Community (Admission Essay Sample)


The paper required me to write an admission essay that gave justification of the challenges that the client in life and how he overcame them. I was also expected to write some of the benefits he would bring to the scholarship community after being considered for the scholarship.

Overcoming obstacles / contributing to Scholarship community
Obstacle that I have met in life and how I overcome it
As a young man, I aspired to achieve the best in life. Particularly, I aspired to achieve the highest level of education before I venture into the job market. The presence of my ever supportive mother meant a lot to me in my endeavor to achieve my ambition. For instance, she promised to finance my education up to the level I desired to reach.
Ours was a single-family after my father abandoned us. My mother was in charge of everything in family. Despite the fact that she did not have any formal employment, she always struggled to provide for the family. She would always work in the projects and raise money for the family upkeep. After doing my elementary education, I got admission into one of the best tertiary institutions. Because there was no money to finance my stay in school, I would operate on foot from home to school every day. I knew that I had to work hard in order to assist my mother who was growing old. I also wanted to get the best education, and eventually land into a good job so that we could vacate the project and stay in a better house.
After two years in school, the worst happened. My mother got sick and after several months in the hospital, she was discharged. However, she became partially paralyzed. Consequently, she could not perform basic duties including preparing her own meal. At the age of twenty three, I had to drop out of school to attend to my mother. Because of her situation, I had to prepare her meal, help her eat and do some physically therapy for her.
From an aspiring young man, I became an attendant to my sick mother. I had very little knowledge on physical therapy. However, because we lacked funds to take her for regular physiotherapy, I had to do it manually for her at home. In this regard, I would assist her to walk every day in the evening, help her stretch her hands or even make her stand and sit at a given posture for some time.
During this period, I had no form of employment. Additionally, we were still staying in the project. I therefore relied on casual jobs from our neighbors. From this, I would raise some little money to meet some of the basic needs that we needed. From the money that I raised from the casual jobs, I was able to even pay the rent.
My mother remained in her condition for more than five years after which her condition got worse. She became completely paralyzed. She could neither walk nor sit. At some point, she could not speak and would stare in space for a long period. Because of this, I had to give her more attention. Therefore, I would look for casual jobs in the neighborhood but would always remain close to her.
After long struggle with her condition, my mother passed away. The death of my mother really affected me. Despite the fact that for the six years she had been helpless and I provided everything, the death left a huge gap on my social life. It robbed me of someone I had been close to, someone I had not only viewed as a mother but also my father. Since I was born, I had never interacted with my father. However, my mother played his role perfectly.
After the burial, I decided that life had to continue. I did not have any form of advanced education to enable me get a well-paying job. On the other hand, my experience could not allow me to move out of the project. My life has therefore, been characterized by casual jobs that I have been doing. I have never been employed since I was born. However, I have always survived through the manual jobs that I do. To be exact, the kind of jobs that I do is similar to those done by slaves. I get low wages and at times, get abused my masters. Nevertheless, my dream to acquire higher education has never died. At my late forties, I still feel that I can go back to school and acquire higher education. Therefore, when I had about this scholarship opportunity, I knew that my prayer had been answered.
What interests me most about the scholarship program
When I heard about this scholarship, I developed interest in it because, from the objectives of the program, I knew that I would accomplish my dreams and ambitions about attaining higher education. The fact that the program would facilitate the whole of my educational program made me happy.
Because of my age, I have always wished to go back to school and undertake a full program without a break. I have loved the fact that this scholarship caters for the full education of my studies. I know that when I go back to school, I will get consistent financial aid. Therefore, I would be able to complete my education. I am also interested in the program because, it covers financial aid to my next of kin during the period that I will be in college. I have a family and I feel that, being the sole provide, any decision to continue with my education may be detrimental if I don’t consider there welfare. Because this scholarship covers them, I will not hesitate to pick the offer.
I have also liked this form of scholarship program because; it provides me with paid internship opportunity. I am impressed by the fact that, during my free time, the program allows me to work and raise money for subsistence. Additionally, the fact that the program allows me to work on a project that is related to my field of study also makes me happy. I know that, apart from making money for personal...
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