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Statement of Purpose: Urge Of Being Given An Opportunity (Admission Essay Sample)


An Admission Essay Based On The Urge Of Being Given An Opportunity Of One Day To Pursue Literature Or Ethnicity Based Courses.


Statement of Purpose
Student’s Name
What reactions are built up when students do write about ethnicity and race? How is this idea laid down be affected by student’s individual identities, social contexts, and academic fields? Where can the education set by student writing be intersected with conversations in studies dealing with ethnicity? As I journey my education in my career path, these questions would rather be my stepping stone to further my ego and desire to know more.
During my normal day to day activities, I once came across a case study written for a particular graduate seminar in the Teaching and Theory of writing, I analyzed the essay which was definitely from a student doing a course in English, who put her own life into discussion with a piece from Richard Rodriguez, “The Achievement of Desire”. My approach was more or less similar to the one I took when analyzing on published literature.
I attached a close reading of the essay with full attention to the essay’s framework as well as the language schemes of Paul Ricoeur, Hans-Georg Gadamer, and M.M. Bakhtin. As I read the essay, I observed that at times the buffed up on over racial and distinctions based on cultural aspect between Rodriguez and the writer herself. The fact that I was still considering the back-up reasons for the author to do so, raised my particular interest as to why the author decided to write about ethnicity and racism.
In all the literature seminars I have attended, I have taken an interdisciplinary ethnic study approach basing back on politics, history, and religious studies to look into issues of ethnicity and race in verbatim texts. A piece of work in Harlem Renaissance course talks about the topic regarding the relationship between Georgia Douglas Johnson’s playwright on political agenda and her depiction of blackness. A seminar paper for Native American Literature, I considered how Sherman Alexi’s novel, “The Flight” revises as well as enacts on Indian American practices of naming.
Nevertheless, in the course paper for the Literature and Bible, I enacted careful analysis on how Christian Patriarchy is interrupted by Native mythology in the novel Green Grass Running Water by Thomas King. My survey of lengthy power in this novel originated to stand immediately on my education of student writing during a Writing Across and Beyond the Prospectus seminar on which I based my interest on folkloric minority students’ instigation into culturally-influenced confrontation communities as well as their hypothetical dissertation to such communities.
The Writing Across and Beyond the Curriculum seminar deepened my inquisitiveness about the habits that context distresses writing. By studying the changes on how individual students’ inscription on race and ethnicity as the students move, for example, to a history seminar room from a Freshmen Literature classroom, non-academic group or a treatment classroom, I anticipate to subsidize to scholarship in (WAC/WID -Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines).
I will lure on case studies and ethnographies by scholars from WAC/WID such as Charles Moran, Anne Beaufort, and Anne Herrington, as I advance on theoretical and practical frameworks for my own study. Nevertheless, at the same stretch, WAC/WID scholarship has engrossed on contexts’ effects on writing in a wide-ranging way, and I hope that my precise study of writing on ethnicity and race will open likelihoods for diverse topic-driven educations of writing athwart and beyond the program.
Since my research which I did recommend that meta-knowledge on approach...
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